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Part of Your World [closed]

[they waited until the weather was stormy, and then they rebelled. he was a lazy captain, the crew said, a guy who sat on his ass and let other people do the dirty work for him, but then he took all the spoils for himself. they weren't wrong. and yet, Osomatsu could not believe that they were going to throw him overboard. wasn't that a little harsh? what about the pirate code?!

...ah, the pirate code was totally in effect here.

they bound his wrists, chained a weight to his ankles, and then they forced him to walk the plank. Osomatsu could barely register what was happening at the time. he was half-asleep, and confused. but the moment he hit the cold water, he was awake, and he struggled to free himself, to free his leg, at least.

but as he sank deeper and deeper into the churning ocean, whatever hope he had left began to wither. he wasn't going to make it out of this. he was a goner. his last thought was that he hoped no one found his secret treasure stash, and then his eyes closed for presumably the last time]

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[ Poseidon was an oddly selfish god. When it came to the humans, he didn't care for whatever kind of pirate code they had-- neither did he really understand them as beings in general. Such inferior things, with the incapability to breathe underwater and a pathetic life span. Poseidon didn't know why some gods were envious of him who lived on the same plane as the humans. He didn't think it was anything that great, but hey, if he could make them envious, why not.

It was almost time for him to get the work-- every Saturday he had a duty to ferry souls from the ocean to his brother, Hades, but Poseidon wasn't feeling particularly eager for his work. Usually, he was tidy and organized, and wanted to weed out the disgusting souls out of his precious ocean, but what if he just.. didn't this time. He had never missed his soul ferrying duty once, but something must have gotten him in a foul mood to want to ignore it today.

As he is resting, hardly awake, down in the depths of the ocean, he feels something hit him. Plop! Right on his shoulder blades. Osomatsu might feel like he's hit something soft and warmer than the ocean water itself.

Sure enough, this pirate found himself residing on the back of a giant god. ]
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[He really must have been hallucinating because this guy was huge. He could hold Osomatsu in the palm of his hand if he really wanted to.
The oddest thing about this guy is he resembled somebody. he kind of resembled himself in a way, but this guy definitely looked like a miniature Zeus more than anything. Was this his descendant or something? It was hard to tell, but Poseidon felt an odd connection towards him.

Perhaps that's why he doesn't just leave him to die. He lets out a bellowing groan and doesn't quite roll his eyes, but is very close to doing so. Poseidon shifts in the water, disrupting the water which causes Osomatsu to drift further away from him, but with two palms, he catches Osomatsu, sliding his fin-like legs out from underneath his body. The ground rumbles as he finds his footing, curving his thumbs over Osomatsu, and then uses the bottom of the ocean as a springboard to catapult himself to the waters surface.

Before Osomatsu notices it, he's above the water, the sound of water splashing down Poseidon's body and crashing to the ocean sounding like rainfall. His opens his eyes, looking down at the human in his hand. He says nothing for a moment, the gem on his chest shimmering and glowing faintly.

And then:]

Oi, why are you littering my water with your carcass?
[y i k e s.]
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[ He's so fragile. Poseidon could crush him right now and get it over with, but then that's just another soul to ferry to Hades, and ugh. Now he's reminded he has to do that an he just doesn't want to. ]

... What is your name, pirate?
[ We'll start there. ]
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Ah, Osomatsu.
[ He looks off to the side, his voice gentler than before. He cups his chin, stroking it in thought. He never recalled Zeus mentioning any of his mortal descendants by that name. There was a lot of them, though. Maybe that's why. ]

I've never heard of such an insignificant creature. Do you often find yourself tied up like this and abandoned in the ocean, or was this a first for you? I don't suppose it matters. What's more important is the fact you don't realize who I am.
[ He's pretty haughty, isn't he? ]
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[ Poseidon just stares at him. There's a prolonged silence, the sound of the waves lapping against his waist line. You've completely caught him off guard. ]

... eh?
You don't? Not even a clue? A-ah, should I give you a little hint? Heh, surely you'll know with a hint!
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[ How.. how dare this stupid mortal? Poseidon nearly sputters. He loves his skimpy-ass clothing! It's comfortable, it suits his personality! The way this guy talks to bluntly is really annoying-- no wonder his crew left him. ]

I-it's not weird! It is my nature!
[ how did he embarrass him so easily? Goodness. Get it together, Posei. ]

I-I mean, how dare you insult a god like me! I am who controls the waves here! If you do not recognize my appearance, surely you recognize .. this!
[ He's holding Osomatsu in one palm now, and his other hand extends out, zapping the water in a cloud of blue and gray smoke. What materializes under that cloud is a giant trident, and Poseidon holds it in his hand like so. ]

As a pirate, you should be familiar with this kind of treasure, shouldn't you?
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[ Oh my god, is he serious right now? ]
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—Tell my brother, Hades, I said hello.
[ He'll drop Osomatsu back in the water, but don't worry, he'll feel bad about it in a second and come right back around to scoop him out the water one more time. ]
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[ ...Okay, well. That was kind of fun. But fortunately for Osomatsu, Poseidon isn't one to strike down a human just like that. Sure, he's killed thousands of them through his typhoons and earthquakes, but never by his hand. His chest rumbles slightly as he suppresses a rather amused laugh. ]

Perhaps you need to be taught, then, a good lesson about many things. Perhaps, then, maybe you could be more educated-- perhaps you could keep your friends instead of having them abandoning you.

[ Shut up, Posei. Your whole family is embarrassed by you. ]

As Poseidon, God of the Sea, I have decided your Fate, if you are curious.
[ wait, what. ]