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Just the Sea Between Us [closed]

Who: [personal profile] relieable and [personal profile] karappo
What: once upon a time, a war broke out between two groups of mermaids...
When: who knows
Warnings: mermaid conflicts! idk will add more if they pop up

[the war had started long before he was born, and Osomatsu still did not know exactly what it was about. something had happened between the mermaids of the tropic seas and the mermaids of the polar seas. something bad, something that wasn't discussed openly, and Osomatsu was far too lazy and too good-natured to want to figure it out. he was constantly told that polar seas mermaids were vicious and cutthroat, and so, that was what he had grown up to believe, and he didn't ask questions.

so, now, here he was, twenty-one years old and never having met a mermaid from the polar seas in his entire life. that was fine, right? he didn't need to know anything about the polar seas. he was ignorant, and ignorance was bliss.

Osomatsu was asked one day to run an errand for his mother, and he'd begrudgingly accepted. she promised something good for him for when he returned, but the errand was taking him so long. he was several kingdoms away from his home, and he'd been traveling for five days. was this all really worth the effort? he hoped so. the prize from mom was the only thing motivating him to keep moving.

nightfall finally came, and Osomatsu ducked into a bar to rest. the bar was connected to a hotel, so he was going to ask about getting a room, as well. but drinks took priority. he made himself comfortable in his booth, eyes flicking up and around, watching everything that was going on while swinging his red-orange tail under the table]

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[Where Osomatsu had heard that the mermaids of the polar seas were vicious and cutthroat, Karamatsu heard that the mermaids of the tropic seas were ruthless and conniving. And yet, he had about as little information as the other. Well, perhaps a bit more, seeing how he paid attention (sometimes) in school when history was being taught. Years and years ago, there had apparently been some sort of crisis or shortage, and both groups had different ideas of how it should be dealt with and who should be allocated what. One side thought the other was being unfair and vice versa, and from there everything spiraled into hearsay and finger pointing until the only solution was to divide permanently altogether to prevent more wars and ceaseless violence between them. And over time, each group had become accustomed to their home of choice. The mermaids of the tropics enjoyed warm waters where the sun always shined. Meanwhile, the polar mermaids felt more at home in the frigid temperatures where sunlight glinted off icebergs and lounging space was shared with sea lions and penguins.

Karamatsu had never ventured this far from his home, and while Osomatsu had an errand to run, Karamatsu had actively chosen to leave home for a while to do some traveling, much at his father's behest and frustration. He warned Karamatsu not to move too far out into the warm waters, and to not even think about getting near the tropics. For if he did, he may never be heard from again. But that was either a risk he was willing to take, or just one he didn't take all that seriously, because he found himself booking a night in the very same hotel at the bar Osomatsu was at. The waters in the open sea were neither overly warm nor overly cold. They hovered somewhere in the middle, a perfect climate for a lot of undersea dwelling folk, namely those that lived deep at the ocean floor.

After checking out his room set into the side of a reef bed, Karamatsu swam back out and around the large rock face, eyeing the lit up bar down at an outcropping that overlooked a massively deep place where the ocean floor dropped off and went down into the darkness in a chasm that went for miles. He only dared to look for a little while before swimming into the bar to settle along one of the stools at the bar proper, not noticing a "fellow" merman sitting right behind where he was.]
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[Karamatsu hadn't been expecting to be approached, so when Osomatsu suddenly sits down next to him he jumps a little, but then tries to play off his surprise by reaching for the drink he'd just ordered from the octopus barkeep.]

Heh. So I am~

[...] I know you?

[Strange. He's never seen a mer that color before...]
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[personal profile] karappo 2017-08-11 02:25 am (UTC)(link) name is Karamatsu.

[He says that with a particular sort of flourish and lilt to his tone, like he really thinks he's all that. His tail curls beneath the edge of the bar and around his barstool as he taps his fingertips along the outside of is glass.]

And likewise. Though where I am headed, I was not expecting to see any mers anyway...
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I am heading for the deep ocean. I am broadening my horizons...I need to see and experience more than my home has to offer. I doubted I would see very many of my kind once I started getting this far out.

[But maybe he's being a little....overdramatic about it.]
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Why not go? Why waste my entire life away in the comfort of my room? To say that I have survived instead of truly lived?

Non non, my friend. That is no life for me.
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I never said that. I just do not let the potential of danger deter me. There is no guarantee I will run into danger. I am still alive right now, am I not?

[He's already been chased by sharks...but that was a one time thing.]
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So why are you this far out into the sea if you are so concerned about the danger?
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How kind of you to do that for your do not see many children of their parents working so hard for them, these days.

[He takes a drink from his glass. How is it even a drink underwater...]
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What is the errand you are running, anyway? It must be some request to require you to travel this far.
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I see...I assume you decided to break for the night in this bar? It is a vast and wide ocean to cross, after all.

[Karamatsu thought maybe he should stay a bit longer than know, make sure he's totally ready to get back out there.]
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Oh, don't I know it. The vast ocean is a lonely place for fish like us...wandering the open seas in such a big world, daring to brave the harsh currents to follow dreams of grandeur, or complete simple tasks for the family.

What would this world do without mers like you and I?
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[He probably wants to be.

Also wow, nice ego there.]

Mmm? And where are you heading, exactly?
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[Oh right, he forgot he said Sea-attle...or maybe he wasn't listening close enough to begin with?]

Yes, it does not sound too bad...I will accompany you until you reach the city, then. Just so you will no longer be so lonesome.

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