Wednesday, 25 March 2015

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Who: Marshall Lee [personal profile] batlittleboy and Gumball [personal profile] bubbagum
What: continued from here. Gumball is Marshall Lee's guardian angel and they are taking a trip! Alternate Universe, and stuff.
When: night
Where: a hotel in San Francisco
Warnings: Marshall Lee is a warning

So. This was a thing that was happening. Gumball was on a trip with Marshall Lee. It was not uncommon for guardian angels to travel alongside their charges wherever they went, but Gumball was taking things a step further. After prodding from Marshall Lee, Gumball was disguised as a human. No longer was he a walking candy store; he was fair-skinned, with light pink undertones, and he was dressed in slacks and a button-up shirt. Standing in a group of other people, he looked normal.

Not only that, he had used his powers to make himself visible to other people. So the receptionist at the lobby of the hotel they were staying at gave them two room keys. Also there were two beds in their room. It was kind of nice, to be recognized again, to converse with people other than Marshall. He was enjoying himself, despite knowing that, if he was caught, he would be in deep trouble.

But Gumball did not want to think about that right now. He was tired from the long drive, and even kind of hungry, surprisingly. He stretched when they got to the elevator, making a pleased noise. This was fun!


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