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火野レイ (Rei Hino) ([personal profile] faithfulflame) wrote in [community profile] lovebakery2015-01-14 10:13 pm

[PSL] Alive and Well in the 30th Century

Mars, or Rei as still she went by with her friends, sighed heavily as she practically stalked out of yet another state dinner. Her duties as the Goddess of Fire and War certainly kept her occupied nowadays, and as one of Serenity's protectors she had to attend any function that the Queen did. It was as much a show of solidarity as it was out of necessity. Usagi could take care of herself now, if Endymion's guard couldn't, but the importance of the five Senshi being present could not be stated enough. Other leaders might feel slighted, after all, and that would not do well for diplomacy.

Unfortunately, that also meant that the image of the court had to be one of unity and purity. Which had forced a very unpleasant situation onto her and her closest friend among the other Senshi. It hurt, being so close to Minako and feeling scrutinized for every look the two of them shared, and it was beginning to frustrate her to no end. She despised being watched, and feeling like she was being penned in, and coupled with the fact that it was seemingly acceptable for Haruka and Michiru to be so close, and even Makoto and Ami such as they were, it hardly seemed fair. But that, as they'd all discussed, was different. Venus and Mars were the leaders, the warriors who had to set aside their wants in favor of duty.

And that, more than anything, hurt most of all. Duty in the name of politics, and that only fueled her irritation after this particular dinner. Her shoes clicked briskly on the crystalline floor as she headed out towards...somewhere. Anywhere but near the dinner that was now wrapping up.

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