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The Big Crazy AUMatsu Meme

so you've been seeing those AUs on pixiv. you know the ones, where those six guys with the same face are thrust into some kind of world they don't belong in. maybe it's an epic mafia world, where the Matsuno brothers are kicking ass and taking names for a Godfather. maybe they are animals, or, better yet, pokémon (or pokémon trainers). or maybe, instead of them all being the same age, there are gaps in between them. whatever. the point is that i want to read them all, so feel free to post here with your matsu(s) and say what type of AU you're looking for. i would be happy to play in an angsty universe where episode 24 was actually carried out, and the Matsus all went their separate ways, or some Harry Potter AU where they are all sorted into different houses. THE CHOICES ARE ENDLESS. come in, bring your friends, and get in on that AU action!

Need some ideas? just check out this random AU generator!
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some demon/angel AU starter ota

[personal profile] relieable 2016-04-13 02:09 am (UTC)(link)
[things can get pretty boring after you've been alive for hundreds of years. when it comes to human life, Osomatsu's seen it all; wars, famine, betrayal, genocide. sure, it was fun to watch stupid humans fall on their faces the first couple of times, but unless he was directly involved, Osomatsu is bored of that.

he's been awake for several hours by now, trying to figure out some thing to do that day. it's a little more difficult than it sounds, he thinks as he lazily rolls across the sky, hovering in midair. man, this sucks! it's like life doesn't have meaning anymore! and it shouldn't be that way for him. he's a demon, for hell's sake, a powerful one! he should be on earth causing trouble for some poor sap.

...well, now that he thinks about it, it has been a while since he last took on a human form. maybe he should start off with that, see where it leads him...

only a few minutes later, Osomatsu is stepping out of an elevator, wearing a crisp suit with a bright red tie. his demon appendages (wings, horns, tail) are hidden to the human eye. he can't interfere with the actions of a human, but he can at least steer them in the right direction... er, wrong direction, hehehe. so, let's see who he can influence this afternoon]
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[Careful, Osomatsu. Somebody CAN see your presence. Someone who is not letting himself be seen as he leans against the wall near the elevator. His assertive, cross-armed stance would probably be a little more intimidating if he wasn't in that toga with the laurel leaf wreath.]

I thought I smelled trouble. What are you up to THIS time?
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[oh crap. that voice. that arrogant, nagging voice. it's one Osomatsu's heard plenty of times before... his eyes narrow briefly before he forces a wicked smirk onto his face. then he's turning towards the owner of that voice, gigantic bat-like wings spreading open with flourish]

Aah, megami-sama! [see what i did there] I knew it was only a matter of time before you came crawling on your belly to see me again. [Osomatsu rubs his nose before shoving his hands into his pockets] Really, I'm flattered!
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[Oh his freaking self, he hates you so damn much. Cue a very non-holy moment.]

Do you SEE me crawling right now? If anybody is crawling, it's you, you dirt-eating wormy bastard. What the fuck are you planning you little shit?
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[that was. quite possibly the best reaction Osomatsu could have hoped for. he almost bursts out laughing at Choromatsu. ah, see, now... this! this was making his miserable existence seem less miserable. this encounter could not have come at a better time.

he moves so smoothly, almost slithering like a snake, until he is at Choro's side, and casually rests his elbow against the angel's shoulder, leaning in]
What I'm doing is none of your fucking beeswax, buddy. So why don't you go off, and stroke that harp, or whatever it is you do that gets you through your lonely nights?
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[Right, that does it.]

As a MATTER OF FACT, you worthless trash, I DO have more important things to be doing than watching your shitty ass! Which is why I'm assigning somebody ELSE to do the job for me. Karamatsu?
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I am Late I apologize no notifs is killing me

[personal profile] karappo 2016-04-19 02:29 am (UTC)(link)
[Just by Choromatsu's other side, Karamatsu steps into view with his hands on his hips, looking rather proud of himself for managing to stay hidden while Osomatsu and Choromatsu had their little spat. While Choromatsu is irritated with Osomatsu's presence, Karamatsu seems less bothered than he should be.

Instead, he just flashes him a knowing grin, his own wings tucked against his back.]

Well well you intend to cause these good people harm today, right? Well. I am afraid I simply cannot allow this to happen.
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no worriessss

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[oh, now, what? who is this guy? the way he talks is kind of painful! Osomatsu draws back, studying Karamatsu for a few seconds, before his attention is on Choromatsu again]

You're pawning me off on someone else? Sheesh, talk about lazy!
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It's CALLED efficient management. Look it up.

[Well doesn't HE look smug.]

Believe it or not, SOME people have more important things to be doing in a day than babysitting.

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Pokemon AU GOOOO

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[It's no surprise that, on most occasions, the Matsuno brothers aren't exactly the best trainers in the world. On their own, they're pretty hopeless, not really winning battles very often. Whether it be through some disconnect with their Pokemon or the fact that they just suck...well, who can say, really?

But when they're together? All of a sudden, it's a different story.

That's what's happened while Karamatsu and Jyushimatsu were traveling one of the routes just outside of their home in Goldenrod, having been accosted by a passing trainer for a battle. Karamatsu lifts a hand and pushes his glasses down the bridge of his nose, peering over at his younger brother out of the corner of his eye.]

Mmmm, what say you, Brother? Should we take this fine individual up on their challenge?

[His tone is easygoing, but also a little strained in a way only Jyushi will recognize; this guy's pretty haughty, having seen the sextuplets around town before. He seems confident that he can wipe the floor with both of them and send them running crying to the Pokemon Center.]
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Alright then! Ah, but first...

[Karamatsu tips his head a little toward the edge of the route where the trees start, a small lake there that stretches along the edge of the road for a fair distance.]

May we battle over there? I have a water type, you know, so it is only fair.

[The trainer just shrugs, tossing his Pokeball from one hand to the other as he saunters over while Karamatsu gestures for Jyushimatsu to follow. He pulls a Pokeball off of his own belt, turning it over between his fingers.

Karamatsu presses a kiss to the surface before tossing the ball into the air over the water, the capsule splitting open with a bright flash before falling back down into his hand. And halfway beneath the surface... a Feebas. It sortof just stays in place where it is, bubbles occasionally rising to the water's surface as it seems to stare listlessly ahead.

A beat, and then the other trainer suddenly doubles over, barking with laughter at the sight.]
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[If Karamatsu is at all bothered by the trainer laughing at them, he doesn't say anything. He just calls out to the Feebas with a smirk, tossing his head to get his hair out of his eyes.]

It's been a while since we've been able to truly battle like this, my sweet. I know you will do your best!

[As hilarious as it is, this trainer is ready to crush these guys and get his money for it, so without further ado he tosses his own Pokeball out, revealing a Charmeleon with an angry glare that immediately fixes on the brothers. Fire against water and someone seems rather sure of themselves.]

Are you ready, Jyushimatsu?
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[.....Ah. Well. That's going to be an issue, isn't it? Especially since Kara's Feebas is hopelessly limited when it comes to ranged attacks, in that she has none. Not to mention she only knows three in general, none of which could hope to reach past the bank unless the Charmeleon had a death wish.

But Karamatsu doesn't seem too concerned, looking over at Jyushimatsu. Or...where he thinks Jyushimatsu is.]

Light up the field, my Brother!!

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Changeling AU starter!

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[The Matsuno sextuplets have always been a little strange. Well, identical sextuplets are pretty rare after all, so how could they not be? A bunch of strange losers with six same faces whose idea of normalcy tends to be bizarre and chaotic.

Ichimatsu can swear things have been a little stranger lately, though. It's not his imagination, right? Well, it's hard to tell, he DOES tend to hang out with Jyushimatsu more than the rest of his brothers, after all. But still... it's little things.

He could have sworn Karamatsu was literally sparkling without wearing anything sparkly yesterday. He thinks he's seen Osomatsu's eyes glow when it wasn't just for a dramatic gag. Scorch marks appeared on the ceiling this morning, none of them are owning up to it, and he has no idea how that was even managed.

And, earlier today, Chibita caught Ichimatsu himself in cat mode, and ended up telling him that's not normal. That people - humans - can't just do that.

What the hell did that mean?? Nobody'd ever told him that before!! Even though there are surely other people in the world who like cats as much as Ichimatsu does, they can't become catlike like that?? Is this some kind of curse??

Ichimatsu had slunk back home to curl up in a corner and scream internally while he digests this. It's not like he wants to be human more than he wants to be a cat, but being human isn't something he ever thought would be up for question.

He fumbles distractedly through the door, looking a little shook up and not even remembering to announce his arrival. He only hasn't managed to make his tail vanish, and it's very still there and rather poofed up. Not a particularly unusual thing, for Ichimatsu, but Chibita was right - only the Matsunos wouldn't question someone's apparent ability to sprout cat parts.]
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Ah... Jyushimatsu.

[Well, seeing Jyushi right off does seem to calm him down a bit. Ichimatsu closes the door as he steps inside, his own tail settling down and finally vanishing as he walks over to the table and sits down, leaning against it. He's not looking straight at Jyushimatsu though, staring into the tabletop even as he sinks his chin down to rest on his arms.]

Hey... can I ask you something?
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[He points to his head. It takes so little effort or attention to make the cat ears pop up out of his hair, and for the first time ever, that's concerning to him. How many times must he have done it without realizing? No wonder he's such trash if he's both trash and a weirdo.]

Is this... normal?

[Of course, given the nature of the question, he's probably asking the worst of his brothers. But he more or less trusts Jyushimatsu, which he can't say for all of them.]
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Yeah, but... for anyone else?

[It really is a serious question to him. It's not like he pays a lot of attention to other people, after all.]

Ah, wait... Jyushimatsu, you've seen the others do weird things lately, too?

[After all, pretty much nothing is weird when it comes to Jyushi. Splitting into millions of tiny Jyushis, breaking reality... it's always startling, but that's just Jyushimatsu. And Ichimatsu has been able to do the cat thing for... well, at least since they started to grow more into their own individual identities, right? But everyone else... he's not sure he'd call being really shitty, or painful, or two-faced, or fappy and rising superhuman. Even with the extremes they all take it to.]

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