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松野 十四松 || Matsuno Jyushimatsu ([personal profile] neetfreak) wrote in [community profile] lovebakery2016-04-12 06:35 pm

The Big Crazy AUMatsu Meme

so you've been seeing those AUs on pixiv. you know the ones, where those six guys with the same face are thrust into some kind of world they don't belong in. maybe it's an epic mafia world, where the Matsuno brothers are kicking ass and taking names for a Godfather. maybe they are animals, or, better yet, pokémon (or pokémon trainers). or maybe, instead of them all being the same age, there are gaps in between them. whatever. the point is that i want to read them all, so feel free to post here with your matsu(s) and say what type of AU you're looking for. i would be happy to play in an angsty universe where episode 24 was actually carried out, and the Matsus all went their separate ways, or some Harry Potter AU where they are all sorted into different houses. THE CHOICES ARE ENDLESS. come in, bring your friends, and get in on that AU action!

Need some ideas? just check out this random AU generator!

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