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trapped [closed]

Who: Osomatsu [personal profile] relieable and Choromatsu [personal profile] idolgarbage
What: the devil visits the goddess. they discuss why Choromatsu is always stuck at the lake. [devimega AU]
When: current times?
Where: the palace near the lake
Warnings: slight m/m, and Osomatsu's got a dirty mouth. also there's sads.

[large red wings beat against the air, webbed and leathery, aged from years of living in the darkest depths of the underworld. they belonged to a devil, the son of the king of hell himself, Prince Osomatsu. with his smaller pointy horns and rubbery tail to complete the package, he did not look all that intimidating upon first glance. but if you got up close, saw his red eyes and sharp teeth, maybe, then, you'd feel a little more worried.

don't be fooled, though. Osomatsu is a troublemaker, but he's not exactly the most evil. he is kind of a failure at being a devil. which, he doesn't care about too much. dear old dad may be disappointed in him, but it's not like they're close, or anything. he mostly does what he wants, and what he wants to do tonight is visit the lake goddess.

it's not the first time Osomatsu has gone there. and it won't be the last. for some reason, he's stuck on the lake goddess, for a variety of reasons, not all of them pure. for one thing, the goddess is a lot of fun to mess with. he's a heavenly being, so he's got a stick up his ass most of the time, and Osomatsu finds that hilarious. and another thing? ...well, that might come up later.

Osomatsu spins through the air, flying past the sun hanging in the sky, past the church where that painful priest resides. he soars faster and faster, until he comes to the ruins of the palace by the lake. he stops in midair and slips in quietly, tail flicking in anticipation]

Heeeey, Megami-sama~ you around?
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[It was a nice day, he thinks to himself as he stares listlessly out at the sky. The clouds were sparse, the wind was gentle, and the temperature was just right. Perfect for flying. He tries not to let himself get fixated on it for too long. There are other things to be worrying about.]

[The palace was a mess. It was old and abandoned and often ransacked by shitty teenagers, but it was still what he was forced to call home. He didn't like seeing it get vandalized. Ugh. They were hardly afraid of him anymore, either. What a pain. He usually could only wait until they left and clean up the after math. This particular time, it was a disaster. He took another look at it and decided promptly that he would do it later. It was just too much to look at right now.]

[So, Osomatsu would find him laying on the grass just by the edge of the lake, staring once again, listlessly at the sky.]

[He all but scowls at that name.]

I'm not! Leave a message and I'll get back to you!
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Cheap piece of garbage.

[He looks up at him from his spot on the ground before he sighs and sits up.]

To what do I owe the son of Satan's unexpected visit?

[He gave him shit constantly, but he'd never admit to enjoying his visits on occasion. And for all the hubris of consorting with a devil, it wasn't like he wasn't already damned to begin with. What else could they do to him?]
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[It's hard not to fixate on the way he shows off like that.]

[Not that he's ever talked about what happened when he lost his wings, or alluded that he even had them to begin with, though Oso's probably caught the slip of his tunic, fabric revealing old scars and marred skin.]

You should have came here sooner, I could have fed you some prime drunk teenagers. They definitely count as infants.

[A beat.]

Wh- Yes? I'm not sure why you do. Am I that much fun to tease?
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[He makes a show of rolling his eyes.]

You're just avoiding your hellish responsibilities, we both know that. [A dramatic sigh] I guess I can't help it. It's not like I can kick you out!

[He gets up, dusting off his robes. He turns to head towards the palace.]

The least you can do is give me the news on the outside.
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You really think that? [He passes him something of an enigmatic yet somehow still bitter smile.]

I could try to kick you out! But the truth is my powers are weak, I'm grounded, and I'm bound here. You could come back any time, you could just float six feet off the ground and there would be nothing I could do, you know.
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[He glances slightly over his shoulder at him. The surprise is there.]

You really don't know?
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[His smile is definitely not really there.]

I thought that was half the reason you came by to heckle me, honestly.

[But then, that had to mean that Osomatsu came to visit him just because he wanted to. Had there never been any ulterior motives? Is he lonely enough to believe that?]

Follow me, I'll show you.

[He starts to walk around the bank of the lake, away from the palace.]
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[He walks along the bank quietly as a brisk pace. Once they get about a step and a half away from the lake itself there's a strange feeling- almost like a pulse. Oso might recognize that it's something tied to holy magic.]

[Another step and there's a flash, Choromatsu jerks like he's been pulled back and there on his ankles and wrists are visible, though still transparent shackles. If he squints, he can make out the chains that travel all the way back into the palace.]

[They vanish after another minute.]

So, that's how it is.
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[We all appreciate your self-restrain devilboy.]

[He's not looking at him. He very suddenly doesn't want to see the look on his face. He frowns hard and swallows.]

Chains, Osomatsu. I'm trapped here. I will be for the rest of eternity. That's my punishment.
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[He does, and he's not sure what to make of it. Yeah they joke around and fight and pick at each other, but. The emotion coming from the demon is ...a little startling. It was sounding like he was angry. On his behalf?]

[He finally looks at him when he touches ground again.]

...I did something forbidden in the heavens.

[That's nice and vague. He hates talking about this, though. He hates explaining it like its something he should be ashamed of. He hates it because maybe he feels like he should have been, that he deserved his punishment, but the rest of him is angry and bitter and he's unhappy and nasty about the way things are now. That he had to lose so much for something seemingly so...]

I fell in love with a human.
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Punished- and punished harshly! It's-

[And then he drops that question and he shrinks away. He hadn't thought hard on this in so long, suddenly it was getting dredged right back up again.]


[He looks away.]

I didn't even get to ask. I like to think- that if it hadn't turned out this way, maybe she would have. Maybe we could have tried- but.

[He looks up at the palace- the cruel irony of his prison.]

It wasn't like I could hide something like that for long. I started spending all my time here, I was shirking my job- and the higher ups didn't like that. I guess they figured that if I liked it here so much, I should just stay.
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[He wasn't expecting to get validated. It shocks him and it shows.]

[He laughs, quietly, and looks away. His voice is unsteady.]

Yeah? Yeah, I thought so too. I'm glad it's not just me.
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[He lets him seethe for a bit. He doesn't think he's ever seen him get so mad before. It's a little strange to think he's getting so mad over him. He tries to make a quip but finds Oso putting his hand on his shoulder.]

Choking sounds like it would hurt- and-

[You didn't deserve all this.]

I- I'm sorry. This visit turned out to be pretty depressing, huh? You probably have better things to do than listen to me complain.

[Look. Osomatsu might be the son of Satan himself but he's calling out these angels for being cruel bastards. He's taking his side with almost no one else would and- And he agrees with him. That in itself is enough to ...]

[He feels something give. Something in his chest, it gives like he was tense and didn't realize. It feels easier to breathe.]

...But you're right, aren't you? That wasn't fair. It wasn't fair at all.

[He's saying it like he hasn't realized himself before now.]

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