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松野おそ松 || Matsuno Osomatsu ([personal profile] relieable) wrote in [community profile] lovebakery2016-05-18 01:59 am
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trapped [closed]

Who: Osomatsu [personal profile] relieable and Choromatsu [personal profile] idolgarbage
What: the devil visits the goddess. they discuss why Choromatsu is always stuck at the lake. [devimega AU]
When: current times?
Where: the palace near the lake
Warnings: slight m/m, and Osomatsu's got a dirty mouth. also there's sads.

[large red wings beat against the air, webbed and leathery, aged from years of living in the darkest depths of the underworld. they belonged to a devil, the son of the king of hell himself, Prince Osomatsu. with his smaller pointy horns and rubbery tail to complete the package, he did not look all that intimidating upon first glance. but if you got up close, saw his red eyes and sharp teeth, maybe, then, you'd feel a little more worried.

don't be fooled, though. Osomatsu is a troublemaker, but he's not exactly the most evil. he is kind of a failure at being a devil. which, he doesn't care about too much. dear old dad may be disappointed in him, but it's not like they're close, or anything. he mostly does what he wants, and what he wants to do tonight is visit the lake goddess.

it's not the first time Osomatsu has gone there. and it won't be the last. for some reason, he's stuck on the lake goddess, for a variety of reasons, not all of them pure. for one thing, the goddess is a lot of fun to mess with. he's a heavenly being, so he's got a stick up his ass most of the time, and Osomatsu finds that hilarious. and another thing? ...well, that might come up later.

Osomatsu spins through the air, flying past the sun hanging in the sky, past the church where that painful priest resides. he soars faster and faster, until he comes to the ruins of the palace by the lake. he stops in midair and slips in quietly, tail flicking in anticipation]

Heeeey, Megami-sama~ you around?

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