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Welcome to the Love Bakery! This is a personal musebox, and there will likely be a lot of love and romance PSLs going on here. You are free to post to any of the open memes, and to request any of the characters you see here. I hope you're hungry...

[please note, these are ONLY DW accounts. I do play more characters than this, but may or may not make journals for them unless they are needed. All characters are active-ish, and available upon request. LAST UPDATED: AUG 31 2017]


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Hetalia: Axis Powers
★ North Italy [personal profile] miarrendo
★ South Italy [personal profile] mannaggia
★ England [personal profile] unionjackoff
★ England [1940s] [personal profile] blitzkriegd
★ England [1960s] [personal profile] britishinvasion
★ England [child] [personal profile] angeln
★ France [personal profile] lamant
★ China [personal profile] dynastydestiny
★ Hungary [personal profile] manliestmaiden
★ South Korea [personal profile] heartandseoul
★ Norway [personal profile] vikingspirit
★ Iceland [personal profile] volcanictemper

★ North Italy [personal profile] moetalia
★ South Italy [personal profile] bellopomodoro
★ England [personal profile] britainsbiscuits
★ China [personal profile] meihuaquan
★ Belarus [personal profile] whiterussian

Hetalia AU
★ The Queen of Spades [Hetalia Cardverse] [personal profile] unluckyinhearts
★ The Queen of Clubs [Hetalia Cardverse] [personal profile] carnageandclover
★ Arthur Kirkland [Project P.R.E.U.] [personal profile] shinyradar
★ England [2P!Hetalia] [personal profile] derpland
★ England [MLP:FiM] [personal profile] mylittlepommy

★ Karamatsu Matsuno [personal profile] itaimatsu
★ Choromatsu Matsuno [personal profile] fukei
★ Jyushimatsu Matsuno [personal profile] neetfreak
★ Barbatos!Osomatsu [personal profile] barbatoso
★ Band!Jyushimatsu [personal profile] juiceisloose

★ Flonne (journal coming soon!)
★ Axel (journal coming soon!)
★ Sapphire Rhodonite [personal profile] robusty
★ Artina [personal profile] artina

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
★ Applejack [personal profile] honestbucking
★ Rarity [personal profile] therarestgem
★ Princess Cadance [personal profile] crystalprincess
★ Bon-Bon [personal profile] sweetascandy
★ Lovestruck [personal profile] heartmaker
★ Applejack [Equestria Girls] [personal profile] ladybuck
★ Applejack [human] [personal profile] sliceofheaven
★ Rarity [human] [personal profile] diamonddoll

Adventure Time
★ Fionna the Human [personal profile] boysnight
★ Princess Bubblegum [personal profile] experimentgum
★ Prince Gumball [personal profile] bubbagum
★ Me-Mow [personal profile] pussyfooting

★ Ash Ketchum [personal profile] masterquest
★ Tracey Sketchit [personal profile] watchit
★ Hilda [personal profile] whiteknightish
★ Shaymin [personal profile] flowercarrying

Sailor Moon
★ Minako Aino [personal profile] idolater
★ Chibiusa Tsukino [personal profile] smallserenity
★ Luna [personal profile] lunaticae
★ Zoycite [DiC version] [personal profile] zoy

★ Karkat Vantas [personal profile] crabkind
★ Karkat Vantas [human] [personal profile] crabkid
★ Aranea Serket [personal profile] minimindfang
★ Gamzee Makara [personal profile] carnivalofcarnage

Love Live!
★ Maki Nishikino [personal profile] nandemonai
★ Kotori Minami [personal profile] wondermaid
★ Nozomi Toujou [personal profile] breastofluck
★ Riko Sakurauchi [personal profile] guiltykisses
★ Hanamaru Kunikida [personal profile] innocentbird
★ Mari Ohara [personal profile] jyouku

★ Weiss Schnee [personal profile] glyphe
★ Cinder Fall [personal profile] cinderhella

★ Koharu Izaki [Shitsurakuen] [personal profile] doublebarreled
★ Lokitty [MCU] [personal profile] godofmeowschief
★ Guy Cecil [Tales of the Abyss] [personal profile] alca
★ Teto Kasane [UTAU] [personal profile] twindrill
★ Rapunzel [Tangled] [personal profile] hairiest
★ Anna [Frozen] [personal profile] krumkake
★ Pearl [Steven Universe] [personal profile] nacreous
★ Edward Elric [FMA2003] [personal profile] inexpungible
★ Sayaka Miki [Puella Magi Madoka Magica] [personal profile] ikenie
★ Ahiru [Princess Tutu] [personal profile] ententanz
★ Elma [Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid] [personal profile] creamrolls