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you're so vain [open to devimega scenarios]

Who: Karamatsu [personal profile] itaimatsu and others
What: the painful priest is introduced [devimega AU]
When: current times?
Where: a church in the town by the lake
Warnings: Todomatsu is a huge flirt

[ah, another morning, another day to celebrate God's great gifts.

the priest pulls aside the curtain, allowing sunlight to filter into his room. the sun is out, the birds are chirping. today feels like it's going to be a really good day. he washes up and dresses in his vestments, and then he is heading up the stairs to the main sanctuary to greet his fellow workers.

the church itself isn't very large, but it is beautiful. Father Karamatsu takes great pride in it. in fact, he takes pride in everything he does. it's funny, that such a prideful, somewhat narcissistic man has become a priest. but he is a good man, one who enjoys helping other people. he wonders who he will be able to help today.

just as he's passing the altar, a tiny chill comes over him. it's not the first time that's happened, and he's not so sure what it is. hnn... he stares at the altar for a moment in contemplation, then continues his walk down the aisle]

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[ How about God's not-so-great gifts? Did those need celebrating too? Todomatsu would have certainly thought so.

Regardless, where Karamatsu is getting ready for the day, Todomatsu is making his way towards the church himself—to "help out" with whatever needs to be done. ...which really amounted to him sitting at the pews as he chatted away at Karamatsu and watched him busy about. It wasn't as if he could actually go about touching too many things.

Well, he could manage to avoid a certain level of suspicion, but there were still a handful of items were definitely more off limits. Generally items that were blessed (water, metal) hurt more than he was able to tolerate for the sake of ""normalcy"".

Hello Father. [ Todmatsu greets in a very sweet and sing-song voice as he enters. His arms are crossed behind his back as he takes a few steps towards the priest, being careful to side-step anything that was made from metal. ]

You're up early as usual.

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Of course, I'm always here to help.

[ "Help" still being a very subject word here. He'll keep smiling and looks up at Karamatsu sweetly as he also gathers a look around to see if anyone has wandered in just yet. Not yet from appearances. ]

But I don't worry; I don't wake up that early. [ Time was relative to him anyway. What's the difference between night and day? What was really important to keep track of was where Karamatsu was at any given hour. ...even if that wasn't exactly why he was supposed to be here for.

Who cares what Osomatsu wanted anyway.
] What do you have on your agenda for today? More of your [ Embarrassing ] sermons?

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[ Ah. There go the dramatics... ]

Serious as ever...

[ The sweetness in his voice drops for a moment as he mutters that, going to slink off to sit at one of the pews as he normally does—arms stretched out in front of him and hands clasped together. ]

But I think once a week is enough sermons for me. [ He'll lean his head onto his arms. That oh-so sweet tone coming back. ] If I have you talk to me all the time, I'm sure people might start talking.
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Just talk, Father.

[ Typically that'd be enough for most people but given Karamatsu being Karamatsu... maybe he should give the guy a break? Or at least give him more of a bone to chew on than that. ]

Some might think that you give me extra attention over everyone else.

[ Not that it's entirely his fault if he is, given the way that he has been following him around and spending so much time with him. ]

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[ What kind of priest flips their bangs...ah, well, at least Karamatsu is catching on. ]

I guess that's true. [ Of course Todomatsu knows that the lake isn't exactly "haunted" as it is being guarded. Blessed miracle waters and all of that... Not that Todomatsu has any particular interest in it himself, well, not good interests at least. ]

The lake is rather creepy. Have you been there yourself lately? I've heard that there's a ghostly figure that appears from time to time.

A bad tempered one too. [ A temper that has nothing to do with a particular set of demons at all. Nope. ]

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Are you going to try to exorcist it, Father? Sounds dangerous.

[ What...kind of expression should he have here? Probably one of worry but Todomatsu seems more amused than anything. Granted, it is a bit dampened by the fact that Karamatsu is admiring himself with a mirror.

...weren't priests supposed to avoid things like their own personal beauty? Or...was that some other set of rules for someone else. Honestly, it didn't matter to him. Todomatsu would always make sure he looked good.

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[ And yet with all of his powers, he couldn't immediately tell that Todomatsu was a demon and not some flirtatious, well-dressed young man who would always come in and lend a ""helping"" hand. It wasn't as if he was some low-level chump either! ....but also nowhere near being close to being a high-level demon to be demanding any real respect. (He was working on it...sort of.)

However, all of that aside, there were still Karamatsu's painful words to deal with... Honestly, he was one of the most questionable of priests he has ever met.
] could always let the village go to ruin, you know. [ He'll say off-handedly and with a slight shrug. ] Runaway from these ungrateful people and let them handle things on their own. I know of better places where you could spend your time.

[ As always, he'll leave the invitation there as coy as he could....or not so coy as in this case. ]

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like, nya.

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[It had been some time since Osomatsu had been coming around his beaten-up little house crowing about the Goddess Choromatsu. Long enough, at least, that Ichimatsu had finally grown curious. The name Choromatsu rang familiar bells in his head, ones that he couldn't quite identify solidly, but then again he'd blocked out as much of his life in Heaven as he could manage since he fell. Regardless, he'd finally decided to check out the situation for himself.]

[It had been the first time he'd gone somewhere new in a long, long time, and Jyushimatsu was always telling him he ought to get out more.]

[Having seen Choromatsu with his own eyes, realized not only who he was but how his situation was, and... Oddly, how much Osomatsu openly cared about the guy... Well, Ichimatsu hadn't stayed long, the briefly lingering dark presence skating off the lake to the nearby town instead. His feathers both figuratively and literally ruffled by the situation, he opted to find something to soothe his nerves. Maybe something for the cats, back home.]

[He skulked, sticking to back walkways and trying to avoid crowded areas as much as possible while he got a feel for the town and the things he may be able to buy there, when he paused at a number of sounds.]

[One, there was a clamoring of meows coming from the alley he had just passed. Two, with those meows was a deep baritone of what he could only assume was a White Magic-using human, from the way the alley felt. The power was significant, but not Angelic, so he had to assume it belonged to a human. And knowing what little of humans he did, he was not pleased with the notion of one with any kind of power being near what sounded like a litter of kittens and their mother.]

[He backpedaled and stood at the mouth of the alley, fully intent on a fight or some scalding words to scare off an asshole human, and...]

[Was completely shell-shocked.]

[Was that... a Priest? A human Priest? Feeding a mother with her litter of kittens?]
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[That... Sure was a collection of things that just happened.]

[He dully registers to look down as Karamatsu drops back to his knees, and it's a moment of silence after the perplexed eh? escapes his lips before he registers the English at the start of his chatter.]

[Oh, my Angel.]


[Ichimatsu turns himself in a startled circle in his confused alarm, almost like he's trying to grab and hide his own wings, and the end result is him stepping about three paces closer and looking more startled still, puffed up and wider-eyed than before.]

Wh-- don't call me that. I don't want shit!!
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[He's. Flustered, really-- humans can't usually see his wings, and he didn't even have a halo anymore. His wings were half-grey with the way the feathers kept trying to grow in charcoal, how did this guy get Angel out of his appearance? He raises both his hands and takes a step backward.]

No, I don't even fucking-- know who you are, what makes you think I'm an Angel?
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[This was possibly one of the most sobering experiences since he'd Fallen. He'd always hated humans, because they were greedy and self-serving, and a horribly destructive species. They were cruel to animals often, and were just overall an unpleasant lot.]

[And this one... Well, he was embarrassing, that was for damn sure, but... Something about him was different.]

[He glanced past Karamatsu to the box with the cats in it, his eyebrows knit together but otherwise his face neutral.]

...that cat.
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[He's slack-faced, startled by the... Nature of this guy. And also probably his eyebrows, really.]

[He steps forward, pauses and recoils, and his wings puff outward.]

...I'm not an Angel. But...

[He quirks his mouth, hunching his shoulders and scooting along the wall of the alley as far from Karamatsu as he can be to move past him to the cats. He looks down at the box, and the mother contentedly feeding her kittens-- they were so small --and he can't help the very faint smile on his face. It's gone by the time he turns back to Karamatsu.]

...this is a good thing you've done.
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[He looks him over, frowning at his attire, and narrows his eyes.]

You're... a Priest?

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