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松野カラ松 || Matsuno Karamatsu ([personal profile] itaimatsu) wrote in [community profile] lovebakery2016-05-30 10:09 pm
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you're so vain [open to devimega scenarios]

Who: Karamatsu [personal profile] itaimatsu and others
What: the painful priest is introduced [devimega AU]
When: current times?
Where: a church in the town by the lake
Warnings: Todomatsu is a huge flirt

[ah, another morning, another day to celebrate God's great gifts.

the priest pulls aside the curtain, allowing sunlight to filter into his room. the sun is out, the birds are chirping. today feels like it's going to be a really good day. he washes up and dresses in his vestments, and then he is heading up the stairs to the main sanctuary to greet his fellow workers.

the church itself isn't very large, but it is beautiful. Father Karamatsu takes great pride in it. in fact, he takes pride in everything he does. it's funny, that such a prideful, somewhat narcissistic man has become a priest. but he is a good man, one who enjoys helping other people. he wonders who he will be able to help today.

just as he's passing the altar, a tiny chill comes over him. it's not the first time that's happened, and he's not so sure what it is. hnn... he stares at the altar for a moment in contemplation, then continues his walk down the aisle]

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