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There's No Business Like [closed]

Who: Karamatsu [personal profile] karappo, Jyushimatsu [personal profile] neetfreak
What: teenage Matsus, trying to cope with high school life
When: the past
Where: Akatsuka High School?
Warnings: Kara and Jyushi are their own warnings

[one... two... three... aaaaand swing! and, again. one... two... three... swing!

Matsuno Jyushimatsu, age 16, class B. he is the fifth son in a family of sextuplets. in this town, the sextuplets were famous when they were children, simply because they were sextuplets. back then, they were identical, and kind of hivemind-y. now that they are older, their novelty has worn off quite a bit. they have mediocre grades, are unpopular, and are all trying to individualize themselves.

no longer do they go to the same clubs, as they did in grade school. no, it appears as though each of them are doing different things, and trying to distance themselves from each other as much as they can. well, maybe a couple of them were, like Todomatsu, who seemed like he wanted nothing to do with his brothers as soon as they stepped out of the house. Jyushimatsu, on the other hand, loves his brothers very much. he's closest to Ichimatsu, since they were partnered together a lot when they were children.

Jyushimatsu is an odd kid. he's loud, and kind of obnoxious and crude, and that means that he is avoided. he dares to be different at a time where most teenagers want to be the same as everyone else. he doesn't take directions well, which got him kicked off the baseball team (he loves baseball, but he has no idea how to play it, and he never bothers to learn. he just likes swinging his bat, and hitting the ball. and that's... it? that's all he knows). he used to be in choir, but now he's not structured enough to sing with a group. the only friends he has are his brothers.

and despite everything that happens to him, despite the 'Kick me' signs, and the open threats, and the constant rejection, Jyushimatsu smiles. he beams as bright as the sun. there are some theories as to why he smiles, but those can be explored at a later time. for now, all we need to know is that Jyushi is one of the most cheerful, happy-go-lucky kids in school. even now, he's all alone on the open field, swinging his bat, with a huge grin on his face. the school day ended hours ago, but some clubs are still in session.

Jyushimatsu is waiting for the drama club to get out. today, something exciting was supposed to happen! the fall play was going to be cast, and his big brother, Karamatsu, said that that was important. now, Jyushi knows very little about drama, but he'd been paying attention when Karamatsu told his brothers what the play was, and that he'd be trying out for it. and most of their brothers waved him off, because drama wasn't cool, or something. but since this is important to Karamatsu, Jyushimatsu wants to support him. he'd support all of his brothers, in whatever clubs they were in, if they'd let him.

right now, it seems like Karamatsu needs the most support. drama was scary, okay? you had to compete with other people to get parts. it was kind of like baseball, in a roundabout way. actually, Jyushimatsu compares everything to baseball. did we mention he really liked baseball? and swimming? yeah... he likes sports, but is not on any teams. anyway, he hears the bell just as the sky begins to turn orange, and so he tucks his bat away and walks over to the door to wait for his brother]

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[For Karamatsu, the drama club is everything. As social as he is, he and his brothers growing apart like they have has been more difficult on Karamatsu than he cares to admit. Of course he won't say anything to that affect, either. He'd always been closer to Todomatsu, and now he wanted nothing to do with all of them...

So, Karamatsu found solace- his calling- in drama. Where he could put his concerns or worries aside for a time, putting his all into pretending to be someone else. It was an escape, but it was freeing. It combined many things he was good at, something that his fellow club members couldn't deny no matter their personal feelings about him. He was good, and he knew it. Everybody knew it. Of course he had the tendency to be a bit too hammy in delivering his lines...but for some roles, that was required. Called for specifically, even.

Karamatsu wanted this part. He wanted it so badly. Only Jyushimatsu stayed behind to wait for the verdict, but that was okay. Even having no one at all wouldn't have detracted from this moment.

Off in the distance at the gym building, a door on the side bursts open. Karamatsu positively explodes out of the door with a pamphlet clutched in his fist, the script he'd been reading his lines from. When he spots Jyushimatsu far out on the field, he starts running towards him, waving the booklet over his head as he goes. He's shouting to him before he's really even in clear earshot.]

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It is very good! It means I got the most important part of the play! I will be on the stage as the main protagonist!

[He's so excited that he actually pivots on his heel in a circle, pointing up to the sky with the booklet still in hand, folded back to the lines he'd been reading before.]

Everyone's eyes will be on me, the star of this grand production!
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[As far as Karamatsu is concerned, that's exactly what he did. In fact, he's so excited that he can't contain himself; he swoops forward and gathers up his little brother in a big bear hug, laughing like this is literally the best thing that's ever happened to him.

He puts him down a second later, lightly rapping the pamphlet with his knuckles for emphasis.]

I am going to have to practice my lines each and every day before the performance! I will eat, breathe, sleep these words! Thank you for being here with me for this momentous occasion, my Brother!

[Karamatsu claps a hand heartily to Jyushimatsu's shoulder, not seeming to care that they're currently standing in the middle of an empty field and he's almost shouting with how excited he is.]
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[See, this is why Karamatsu's glad you're here, Jyushi! You appreciate all the things that come with joyful jubilation. Such as hugging, and shouting. And Karamatsu doesn't care whose staring at them, still riding the high of his success too much to care.]

We can get both! The occasion calls for it, non? Come, come, my dearest brother!

[Karamatsu's already reaching for Jyushimatsu's hand to lead him off the field and away from campus, jittering so much that he might just want to run all the way home. Though, Jyushimatsu would probably do that, too.]
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Well, Jyushi, you takes quite a fair amount of planning. First there is casting to be done, roles to be filled, props and backdrops to be made, costumes to be designed-

[Karamatsu prattles on as he lists things while they walk, quite the noticeable spring in his brother's usual confident swagger. He's happy.]

But worry not! That is just how show business operates...all will be prepared accordingly before the show must begin, I assure you!
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Mmhm! But there will be quite a few others working on this play, so it isn't as if I would be doing it all on my own. My main goal is to ensure I have learned all these lines to the letter!

[He says this as they walk up on their house, his expression somehow brightening even further.]

Come, Jyushimatsu, we have to tell the others!
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We'll get both, I promise!

[He follows suit, toeing off his own boots before calling out through the house, still waving the script about in wide, flourishing gestures as he talks.]

Brothers, are you home? I have exciting news!

[Unsurprisingly, there's no answer.]
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[Karamatsu follows Jyushimatsu about the house dutifully, ready to burst dramatically into whatever room his brothers are hiding in. They must be the first to know of his great accomplishment, after all!!

Sooner or later they do finally find the others hanging around upstairs. Choromatsu working on homework, Osomatsu reading manga, Todomatsu playing around with his phone, and Ichimatsu petting a stray cat that wandered into their house.

The only response Jyushimatsu gets is a mumbled "That's nice, Jyushimatsu-niisan" from Todomatsu before they all return to what they were doing.]
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[Karamatsu steps forward as Jyushimatsu urges him, bringing the script to his chest as he announces proudly.]

I, Karamatsu Matsuno, have landed the lead in this year's school play!!

[There's a beat of silence as they look up for a moment, and then go right back to what they were doing.]
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Isn't this exciting? I'm going to be the star of the play! The protagonist!


[Nothing. In fact, Choromatsu and Todomatsu have begun talking among themselves while Ichimatsu moves to leave the room, giving Jyushi a glance as he does.

Just not Karamatsu.]
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....t-that...that's alright, I'm sure you all are quite busy. I have to get to work, too! Much practicing to be done, you know.

[Karamatsu looks back at Jyushimatsu himself, not really allowing his own smile to fade before he moves to leave the room.]
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[Karamatsu turns, his expression...just a little strained, now, on top of his excitement.]

Are you coming to watch, my little Jyushimatsu?
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Of course. You don't have any homework you have to do, first? I would hate to cause you to fall behind on your studies.

[But really...he's glad that somebody seems to care, at least.]

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