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There's No Business Like [closed]

Who: Karamatsu [personal profile] karappo, Jyushimatsu [personal profile] neetfreak
What: teenage Matsus, trying to cope with high school life
When: the past
Where: Akatsuka High School?
Warnings: Kara and Jyushi are their own warnings

[one... two... three... aaaaand swing! and, again. one... two... three... swing!

Matsuno Jyushimatsu, age 16, class B. he is the fifth son in a family of sextuplets. in this town, the sextuplets were famous when they were children, simply because they were sextuplets. back then, they were identical, and kind of hivemind-y. now that they are older, their novelty has worn off quite a bit. they have mediocre grades, are unpopular, and are all trying to individualize themselves.

no longer do they go to the same clubs, as they did in grade school. no, it appears as though each of them are doing different things, and trying to distance themselves from each other as much as they can. well, maybe a couple of them were, like Todomatsu, who seemed like he wanted nothing to do with his brothers as soon as they stepped out of the house. Jyushimatsu, on the other hand, loves his brothers very much. he's closest to Ichimatsu, since they were partnered together a lot when they were children.

Jyushimatsu is an odd kid. he's loud, and kind of obnoxious and crude, and that means that he is avoided. he dares to be different at a time where most teenagers want to be the same as everyone else. he doesn't take directions well, which got him kicked off the baseball team (he loves baseball, but he has no idea how to play it, and he never bothers to learn. he just likes swinging his bat, and hitting the ball. and that's... it? that's all he knows). he used to be in choir, but now he's not structured enough to sing with a group. the only friends he has are his brothers.

and despite everything that happens to him, despite the 'Kick me' signs, and the open threats, and the constant rejection, Jyushimatsu smiles. he beams as bright as the sun. there are some theories as to why he smiles, but those can be explored at a later time. for now, all we need to know is that Jyushi is one of the most cheerful, happy-go-lucky kids in school. even now, he's all alone on the open field, swinging his bat, with a huge grin on his face. the school day ended hours ago, but some clubs are still in session.

Jyushimatsu is waiting for the drama club to get out. today, something exciting was supposed to happen! the fall play was going to be cast, and his big brother, Karamatsu, said that that was important. now, Jyushi knows very little about drama, but he'd been paying attention when Karamatsu told his brothers what the play was, and that he'd be trying out for it. and most of their brothers waved him off, because drama wasn't cool, or something. but since this is important to Karamatsu, Jyushimatsu wants to support him. he'd support all of his brothers, in whatever clubs they were in, if they'd let him.

right now, it seems like Karamatsu needs the most support. drama was scary, okay? you had to compete with other people to get parts. it was kind of like baseball, in a roundabout way. actually, Jyushimatsu compares everything to baseball. did we mention he really liked baseball? and swimming? yeah... he likes sports, but is not on any teams. anyway, he hears the bell just as the sky begins to turn orange, and so he tucks his bat away and walks over to the door to wait for his brother]

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