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Matsuno Karamatsu [Osomatsu-san] ([personal profile] karappo) wrote in [community profile] lovebakery2016-06-17 11:33 pm
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Innocence is gone

Who: Karamatsu [[personal profile] karappo] and Osomatsu [[personal profile] relieable]
What: There be demons [devimega AU]
When: The present is a gift blah blah etc
Where: A church
Warnings: Osomatsu's mouth probably [will edit if necessary]

[The church is rather empty this afternoon, as it tends to be on the weekend, or any day that is not the Sabbath, rather. But when you're a priest and it's your job to not only spread the gospel to all those who would hear it, but to also make sure the church is kept in good working order, it's a place you find yourself rather often. And Karamatsu takes his job very, very seriously. He's even dressed in his usual formal attire, a long, black robe that billows out behind him as he walks and lights candles in sconces along the wall. It's overcast outside, and rain has just begun to gently fall, pattering against the windows and prompting him to look up at the water hitting the stained glass. Something they've needed for weeks, now, given how dry the ground outside has become.]

And some wonder if prayers are ever truly answered...in time they come, only when it is most needed.

[He says to himself as he walks, holding a hand behind one of the candle wicks as he lights it, ensuring that the flame doesn't get blown out before he can get it lit properly.

Karamatsu doesn't expect any company, and he rarely gets any beyond someone seeking shelter or guidance. Both he will gladly provide, even to those who are...less than kind. And make no mistake, he has had quite a few.

Though even with the most unsavory folk, Karamatsu is patient and kind. He has yet to come across anyone who would truly test him.]

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