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All That You Need Will Surely Come [closed]

Who: Matsuno Sextuplets (with focus on Osomatsu and Karamatsu)
What: after their parents are killed, two young men must become the adults to raise their four younger brothers [age AU, in which the Matsuno siblings are each two years apart]
When: current
Where: Japan, Matsuno household and surrounding neighborhood
Warnings: talk of death, swearing, occasional sinning

[Osomatsu was just 18 when his parents were tragically killed in a car accident.

he remembers the day like it was yesterday. it was spring, graduation day. the sun was out, and the cherry blossoms were in bloom. he had been so happy, because he'd finally be free of the monotony of high school. he couldn't wait for university life, but not because Osomatsu was studious. no, he wanted to go to parties, get a girlfriend, be free of family. he was so ready for it.

he'd gotten the notice right as the festivities had begun. they'd crashed on their way to the school.

it was a miracle that his brothers had not been in the car. they'd had their own classes to attend. but suddenly, Osomatsu was the adult in the house. and... he'd wanted adult life, sure, but not like this. there had been discussion of sending the brothers off to foster homes, but Osomatsu did not want that. he made the decision to not go on to university, and that he would stay home and take care of the kids.

that had been two years ago. his twentieth birthday had come and gone. it was now mid-summer, and they were all still living together in the same house. he'd made a pact with the second oldest, Karamatsu, that they would raise the four little ones together. for some reason, Osomatsu became the stay-at-home parent, while Karamatsu dropped out of high school to get a job so that he could support the family.

now that all the kids were in school, Osomatsu had a lot of time to himself during the day. he cleaned, he cooked, he went shopping, and sometimes to play pachinko if there was a little extra cash (he hoped he would win big someday, so that Karamatsu wouldn't have to work so hard). and then he would pick up the children. no matter what he was doing for the day, though, Osomatsu always made certain to be home when Karamatsu returned, usually with dinner waiting.

tonight would be no different. after picking up their two youngest brothers, Jyushimatsu and Todomatsu, Osomatsu made dinner. Karamatsu would come home to a clean house, the sounds of children doing homework, hot food, and a cold beer. and Osomatsu, who used to be the laziest son-of-a-bitch, looked at his house and his food proudly, rubbing under his nose. oh yeah, he was awesome!]

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[Osomatsu had taken the loss of their parents gracefully. Sure, he grieved, but in the quiet way he always had, behind closed doors and away from the eyes of his siblings. He always acted like such a fuckoff, like a loose canon who had no responsibility or sense of it, but he was a natural born leader and he took his position as the oldest very seriously.]

[Karamatsu had not been nearly as graceful. He had no idea how to be an adult, and losing the anchor of their family at sixteen had been the worst possible scenario for the admittedly self-absorbed teenager. He had, through the course of his schooling up until then, grown into his own set of problems, most of which seemed to stem from having no idea who he was or who he wanted to be, a problem he often played off with a dramatic flair he picked up in theatre. He had a fierce need to be individual, to stand out, to the degree that he acted out in such a way that he caused his brothers to shun him. Painful, they would say, feigning injury from his embarrassing displays. His parents had still been supportive, and Osomatsu less caustic than the younger four, but losing Matsuyo and Matsuzo had been a terrible, heavy-handed blow for the sensitive second son.]

[And yet... Naturally, he internalized it all. It was a week after the funeral before he even broke down and cried, having tried to resume his normal life by returning to school and having someone who didn't appreciate his striking personality go as far as to claim that the stress of having six obnoxious children must have been what killed their parents. He punched the boy purple and into three broken ribs and four lost teeth, only to sit above his frightened form with his hands grasped around his lapels and sob so hard his stomach ached for days.]

[He had been suspended for three days from classes, and in those three days he decided he was dropping out entirely, to work and support his brothers. If having six sons was enough that people thought it could kill people, so be it. Karamatsu would take over the role of their father, working and providing for them. If even four was enough to kill... Well, maybe he wouldn't mind that so much.]

[He found it was better that he was away from the house most of the day anyway-- If he was a nuisance, an annoyance to his beloved brothers, he would work himself to his bones for them, and stay away when he could as he did. He would make their lives worthwhile, make them happy, even if that meant only being a distant part of it. And that had been how it went, for the most part, at least with the third and fourth sons. Choromatsu and Ichimatsu were both rather standoffish toward him, but he refused to greet them with anything less than smiles. His closest relationships were with that of the first and sixth sons, Osomatsu and Todomatsu, which he found a bit peculiar given the ten year gap between their ages.]

[The death of their parents had been two years ago now, and Karamatsu's eighteenth birthday had passed like any other day. He had refused to celebrate it, refused to acknowledge the number meaning that he was now "officially" an adult. He worked three jobs, a full-time and two part-time, and was out of the house fourteen hours of the day on average. His constant activity slimmed him, he was lean and fine-framed, but with broad shoulders and a strong back from two years of solid manual labor. His hands were calloused and rough, and his eyes were tired in a way that sleep could never fix, but he was never seen by any of the younger four wearing anything but a bright smile.]

[He had Osomatsu nearly exclusively to thank for that, for supporting him in the ways the money he made working so much couldn't-- watching the younger four, getting them to and from school, cooking and cleaning. He went out of his way to budget a meager amount weekly to Osomatsu's admittedly unhealthy gambling habit, loving the smile on his brother's face more than he could describe every time he handed him some yen notes and told him to go play pachinko. Osomatsu was as warm as the color of the red parka he so often wore to Karamatsu, always welcoming him home with dinner and a clean house, clean and mostly studious brothers in their respective areas of the house working on the parts of their childhoods that Karamatsu would never again experience.]

[As was this particular night in the middle of summer, the sun long since having set but doing nothing to cool the stagnant heat of the air. He slid the door closed behind him and announced his return home, stepping out of his shoes and loosening the tie around his neck. When moving further into the house greeted him with the smells of food and the soft patter of Todomatsu's scampering feet as he ran to welcome him home, Karamatsu thought the smile on his face was a little more genuine than most.]

[As a ten year old collided with his shins, he cried out dramatically and dropped to his knees and then his side, feigning death.]

Oh! Ohh, you got me, I'm down, I'm down~~. Osomatsu, take care of them for me, I've been felled by our very own precious beast!!
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[He's rolled onto his back a little at this point, letting his tongue loll out of his mouth in his feigned death. He opens his eyes and sits up, scooping Todomatsu into his lap as he does so when Osomatsu steps into the foyer.]

Oh, look at that! I'm cured.

[He smiles earnestly up at his older brother-- his only older, their rock, the anchor for their daily lives --and the hall light glints off his teeth. He really looks the part of "dad", sitting there on the floor with their youngest sibling settled in the space between his crossed legs, dressed neatly until you got to the gaudy blue argyle of his trouser socks.]
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[He hums in acknowledgement, the sound a deep rumble that is almost more of a vibration than a sound, and leans forward to tip Todomatsu onto his back and then scoop him up in his arms as he shifts to stand. The ten year old koala clings almost immediately, his arms around Karamatsu's neck and his legs wrapping as much around his torso as they can, and Karamatsu finds himself with one arm free, supporting Todomatsu solely with one forearm under his butt. The youngest's attention deterred, Karamatsu uses his free hand to reach for Osomatsu.]

[He's fallen into a habit of subtle hand-roving, sliding his fingers along the second joint of his fingers, inward along them, and pausing where they met his hand at his knuckles for a moment before continuing along the flat of his hand. It was about all the contact he could really justify openly around the younger ones, lest they get confused or curious. He smiles at him, warm and tired, reaching for his wrist where his hands are wedged in his pockets, with the hope of doing just that with his hand if it's relinquished.]

How was everyone today?
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[Karamatsu hears Jyushimatsu coming before he sees him, and shifts his arm supporting Todomatsu to brace him against his shoulder for the impact. The twelve year old collides with him and Karamatsu immediately turns his arm and raises it, letting the yellow-clad preteen dangle from his arm and laugh, his mouth almost eerily wide. Karamatsu smiles fondly at him and then lets the expression fall, frowning at a nondescript corner of the hallway.]

...ah, well, I suppose we can be glad he spoke at all, heh. [He hefts Jyushimatsu so his feet are completely off the ground, grunting, and walks at a comedic waddle toward the next room.] Where is he?
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[He puts Jyushimatsu down somewhere in the main room and lets him scamper around and yell excitedly about his day, feeling only somewhat guilty for nodding and not entirely listening. Todomatsu barely weighed a thing and clung to him enough that he was a negligible distraction, and Karamatsu didn't bother to keep the frown from his face as Osomatsu returned from his mystery megaphone calling for the middle two.]

[Ichimatsu was fourteen, and most assuredly The Problem Child. He was anxious and depressive, and having been just old enough when their parents died to understand and have a lasting effect left on him certainly hadn't helped. He didn't have friends, outside of intermittently hanging out with Jyushimatsu, but it was painfully obvious that the teenager needed help. His own relationship with Ichimatsu had never really been superb, but since their parents' death it had taken a turn for the worst. Ichimatsu took exceptionally poorly to Karamatsu's attempts to befriend him, regularly festering on a wound until he exploded, telling Karamatsu to stop trying to be his dad because his dad was dead.]

[He hurt for the fourth-born son, and where it certainly wasn't a lie that a part of him was glad Ichimatsu had spoken up at all, even if it resulted in him being sent home, he was more than concerned about what pushed him to that point.]

[Moreso still when only Choromatsu came quietly down the stairs, glasses perched on his nose and a book tucked under one arm. Karamatsu set Todomatsu down, but rather than focus on Ichimatsu's absence, chose to smile at Choromatsu and open his arms to the room.]

Good evening, my brothers! I am home now, and I apologize for the hunger your bellies have had to suffer in my absence! Osomatsu has surely prepared you nothing short of a spectacular feast, and I beg you all to dig in!!
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Ah, but the difference is that I told them, and it happened anyway. Related or otherwise, I choose to believe they are heeding my request.

[Because if he actually dwells on the truth that more often than not he's strictly ignored, he would probably struggle to get up in the mornings. He claims a beer from Osomatsu without hesitation, popping the tab and taking a few solid swigs before answering. He was going to have to set aside a small portion of food for Ichimatsu, it wouldn't do if he was upset and not eating. He swiveled the can in his hand a bit, frowning at it, and shrugged.]

It went well. Nothing spectacular happened, though I'm sure the patrons were all dazzled by my smile.

[He smiles then, but it's tired and worn. He's exhausted, and they both know it, but Karamatsu never has been one to admit defeat.]
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[Ah, excellent. He would probably make his way up to the roof with a thermal container and a blanket later, to offer to him. Or maybe he'd send Osomatsu with it, since it would be better received that way. He continues to turn his beer can around until the mouth comes back around to him, and he nods, taking another long swig from it.]

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[It had been an idle comment to the owner of the restaurant he worked for-- He asked about Karamatsu's home life, his family. He had already mentioned he functioned as the father for four younger brothers and one older due to the loss of their actual parents, probably when he was applying for the job. It had been the foremost thought in his mind when he frantically sought employment anyway, and the man who owned the restaurant had a soft spot for siblings, having two younger sisters himself. But one thing had lead to another, and when the owner sat him down for a quick chat on an infrequent shared lunch break, Karamatsu had accidentally voiced a will for time to spend with his family.]

[His boss was a funny man, who had gotten up right in that moment and made several phone calls. He had then returned with an envelope, which he presented to Karamatsu with a warm smile.]

[Which was precisely why he was currently standing on the doorstep of their home, the very same envelope in his hands. He stepped inside and out of his shoes, calling out in a daze.]

...ah, I'm home.
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[He's standing in the hallway with both hands on either end of the envelope-- plain and white in nature, and it takes him a moment to look up at Osomatsu. His face is almost entirely blank as he does so.]

...My boss gave me a week off.
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[His mouth slides open, and then breaks into a smile that slowly broadens. He laughs, once, a short bark of a sound, and then makes a whooping sound, rushing forward and scooping Osomatsu into his arms.]

I told him I missed you! I told him I missed you all, he asked, and I told him, and now I don't have to work for an entire week!!

[He spins them around once, hoisting Osomatsu clear off the ground, and his arms stay securely around the older when he sets him back down, leaning into him and into the wall, his face buried into the hollow of his shoulder.]

I've missed you so, Osomatsu.
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[He warbles a faint whine of a sound, pressing his face into Osomatsu's neck a moment longer and then drawing away only slightly to press his lips at the juncture of his neck and shoulder. He trails absent little kisses up his neck to his ear, open-mouthed and sloppy, lost in himself and his adoration of his brother.]

I'll help you make dinner, and we can take them somewhere on Sunday... Do you think they'd be all right a night on their own?
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[He exhales against the shell of his ear, smiling at the fairly immediate reaction and drawing away only enough to look him over, his eyes lidded.]

I want to take you somewhere. Sunday, we'll take the kids out-- an amusement park, maybe. Dinner, and ice cream... And then we'll bring them home, and I will take you somewhere I can properly show you how very much I appreciate you staying at home to look after them while I work.

[And then he moves back forward, kissing him with the force of all the nights he's missed ravishing Osomatsu.]
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[He hasn't. Ohhh, he hasn't. If there was one thing he was regularly overwhelmed by, as a man and as someone who always assumed he would settle down with a woman and have a family, it was the starkly serious way the pit of his stomach dropped to his feet every time Osomatsu laughed. The way the room lit up when he smiled. The way, even as childish brat of an older brother, he still took care of all of them before he ever even thought of himself.]

[Their joking had pitched headfirst into the danger zone not long after they took on their roles as mother and father, and Karamatsu had tried to weasel his way back out of it to not even the slightest of avails. A year and a half now at least, and the only thing that ever got him off were thoughts of his older brother.]

[Lord, but he was a disaster.]

[More importantly, he'd never had time to pay on Osomatsu anymore, and hardly had the time to be unhappy about it, either. They shared periodic quickies in the bathroom of their family home at odd hours, stolen glances over dinner and private smiles taking the kids out for fun, but the long and short of it was that working three jobs was killing more than just Karamatsu's energy levels.]

[And, apparently, being sent home early for a week of free time had been just what the doctor ordered for a case of prolonged exhaustion. He drew away from Osomatsu's lips only long enough to inhale and move back, taking his lower lip between his teeth and pressing him back against the wall. Plans for Sunday or otherwise, he had the time and the desire now to remind Osomatsu how much he cared, and to what degree, and he didn't plan to waste the moment.]

I-- do hope I am not interrupting anything of dire importance, doing this.

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