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All That You Need Will Surely Come [closed]

Who: Matsuno Sextuplets (with focus on Osomatsu and Karamatsu)
What: after their parents are killed, two young men must become the adults to raise their four younger brothers [age AU, in which the Matsuno siblings are each two years apart]
When: current
Where: Japan, Matsuno household and surrounding neighborhood
Warnings: talk of death, swearing, occasional sinning

[Osomatsu was just 18 when his parents were tragically killed in a car accident.

he remembers the day like it was yesterday. it was spring, graduation day. the sun was out, and the cherry blossoms were in bloom. he had been so happy, because he'd finally be free of the monotony of high school. he couldn't wait for university life, but not because Osomatsu was studious. no, he wanted to go to parties, get a girlfriend, be free of family. he was so ready for it.

he'd gotten the notice right as the festivities had begun. they'd crashed on their way to the school.

it was a miracle that his brothers had not been in the car. they'd had their own classes to attend. but suddenly, Osomatsu was the adult in the house. and... he'd wanted adult life, sure, but not like this. there had been discussion of sending the brothers off to foster homes, but Osomatsu did not want that. he made the decision to not go on to university, and that he would stay home and take care of the kids.

that had been two years ago. his twentieth birthday had come and gone. it was now mid-summer, and they were all still living together in the same house. he'd made a pact with the second oldest, Karamatsu, that they would raise the four little ones together. for some reason, Osomatsu became the stay-at-home parent, while Karamatsu dropped out of high school to get a job so that he could support the family.

now that all the kids were in school, Osomatsu had a lot of time to himself during the day. he cleaned, he cooked, he went shopping, and sometimes to play pachinko if there was a little extra cash (he hoped he would win big someday, so that Karamatsu wouldn't have to work so hard). and then he would pick up the children. no matter what he was doing for the day, though, Osomatsu always made certain to be home when Karamatsu returned, usually with dinner waiting.

tonight would be no different. after picking up their two youngest brothers, Jyushimatsu and Todomatsu, Osomatsu made dinner. Karamatsu would come home to a clean house, the sounds of children doing homework, hot food, and a cold beer. and Osomatsu, who used to be the laziest son-of-a-bitch, looked at his house and his food proudly, rubbing under his nose. oh yeah, he was awesome!]

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