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We Belong to the Thunder [closed]

Who: Osomatsu [personal profile] relieable and Karamatsu [personal profile] karappo, and later Fitzgerald [personal profile] spondulix
What: Osomatsu has been turned into a vampire! And he's desperately trying not to hurt his little brothers. Karamatsu gets suspicious of his comings and goings.
When: current
Where: Japan, Matsuno household, then all kinds of fun places
Warnings: VAMPIRES. so blood, murder, swearing...

[he'd been acting weird ever since his big trip to the casino. that had been several months prior. during that time, Osomatsu's brothers began noticing several changes in him. at first, there were just little things, like the constant bags under his eyes, or the way he would stay out late and come home early in the morning. he was definitely less social, and he laughed less. Todomatsu even joked about there being a second Ichimatsu in the house.

but then there were other things. Osomatsu would be seen conversing with strangers a lot, people that he did not want to introduce his family to. he took longer trips, sometimes disappearing for three days without telling anyone where he was going. one night, he'd come home with blood on his shirt and had assured his family that it wasn't his. so then... whose was it? who had he been fighting with?

there were times when Osomatsu would just zone out, or other times where he'd be caught staring at one of his brothers. sometimes, he went out of his way to do something nice for one of them, or would bring home gifts, especially if he'd been away for a long time. it was weird. where was the fun-loving, selfish brother they'd come to know and love? who was this new Osomatsu?

speaking of which, he has been missing for two days. unknown to his brothers, Osomatsu was helping his Sire with something at the casino. he doesn't trudge home until it is past two in the morning. he looks ragged, tired, hands shoved into the pocket of his hoodie, and his hood up over his head. it's been days since he's last eaten, and his fangs ache with hunger. dammit, maybe he should find some food before he goes home. or maybe some sleep would help keep him from murdering some person for another day.

before he knows it, he's back in his neighborhood. he's looking forward to curling up in between his brothers. they were warm, and he is so cold. always cold...]

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