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zubat everywhere this is dumb [open?]

Who: Osomatsu, Karamatsu, Choromatsu... maybe others later
What: pokemon AU!!!!!!!!
When: vague timey-wimey gestures
Where: all around the Alola region... and beyond!
Warnings: pokémon with Karamatsu shades. deal with it.

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Karamatsu tries to train for a Contest someone help him

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Let us go over our routine one more time!

[Outside the Matsuno home, famous a while back for not only having sextuplets but also having a pair of Eevees who birthed six eggs at once (unheard of, since Pokemon usually only have one egg between them at a time), one of the six brothers can be seen standing outside in the grass with one of his Pokemon sitting in the grass in front of his feet, staring expectantly up at him. A doe-eyed Popplio who is obviously very young and not at a very high level yet, though full of energy and eagerness all the same. Karamatsu's Eevee that he grew up beside sits near his feet, observing the proceedings as Karamatsu's voice booms through the afternoon air.]

Now, you may not have learned Bubble Beam yet- a move that is crucial to our success- but I have every bit of confidence we will conquer this contest regardless of this set back! You can blow all we must do is teach you how to blow them larger, and larger still! Then, the move will hardly be missed!

[Karamatsu crouches down in front of the little seal, who claps his flippers together in response. Then, Karamatsu takes his flippers in both hands...staring into his eyes with a level of seriousness reserved for someone a lot older than Karamatsu actually is.]

I am counting on you, Dazzle. Do you think you can do this for me?


Good job!

[Karamatsu pops back up and nothing. Just off into the distance.]

Then it is time-! To train! Today, you will learn Bubble Beam, and we will use it to create our winning move at next month's contest in Hau'oli City!!

[Dazzle is level 10.

He won't learn Bubble Beam.]
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[Dazzle looks away from Karamatsu over to Osomatsu, hopping in place excitedly before starting to flop his way over. He's scooped up by Karamatsu on the way, though, who holds the seal in his arms and shakes his head a little, tossing his head to get his hair out of his eyes. Dramatically.]

I am simply preparing my darling for the trials to come, that is all. I trust you are doing the same with yours?
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[Nothing! Karamatsu just...really wanted to focus on training today...and it's hard when Dazzle is trying to get out of his arms to go over to Osomatsu. He spoils his Pokemon to the point of lethargy; Karamatsu spoils his too, of course, but not that much.]

Non non, I believe you...and what better way for them to learn than to watch a real trainer and his Pokemon at work, eh?
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[Karamatsu makes a face as Dazzle moves so he can drape his flippers over Karamatsu's forearms.]

Aphrodite is not ready to evolve! And I will let her choose that know Eevee can evolve into many things, Brother. Why would one rush such a thing?
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No matter what the stone is? No consideration whatsoever?

[Aphrodite, meanwhile, is still sitting by Karamatsu, watching Junior as he licks himself.]

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[ Choromatsu was just leaving the house, wanting to check out what other pokemon were in the immediate area (he is going to take this dex thing as seriously as he can). His own eevee, Vivi, is trotting along behind him while his starter, Rowlie, is content to hang out in the hood of the green vest he's wearing. His bag's full with everything he needs and he's got his dex ready to go--

But he gets only a few steps out the door before he stops and looks at Karamatsu. ]


...What are you doing?
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Oh, Choromatsu! You're just in time! Dazzle and I are training for next month's contest in Hau'oli City! You came to watch, didn't you?

[No, he's obviously coming out to do something else...]
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[ Damn that's cold. ]
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...what are you doing, then?
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I'm going to go look for new pokemon.

[ Rotomdex pops out from his hand. ]

"Zzzt! There's all sortzzz of pokemon in the area, pal!"

[ Choromatsu nods ]

And Rotomdex isn't going to fill itself.

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I see! You know, if you attend the contest with me, you could fill your Rotomdex with tens of hundreds of new Pokemon!

[Dazzle barks in agreement, flopping near to Choromatsu's feet so he can look up at him and Rotom.]
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[ He looks down at Dazzle, before returning to his brother. ]

...That's not the same Karamatsu.

I have to catch them to register their information in Rotomdex.

[ Vivi walks closer to Dazzle though to... stand in front of Choromatsu's feet? As if to block Dazzle. She stares the Popplio down, almost as if to say: "This is my bean giver." Okay Vivi. You keep doing your.... weird spoiled and easily jealous thing. ]

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And then Choromatsu's eevee evolves first

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[ Since their pokemon journey began, Choromatsu had been going off on his own more and more often, usually in search of pokemon to fill his dex with or to just explore. Hell, sometimes he just wanted to find some place quiet so he could work out strategies or pokemon breeding tricks (no one should have told him that sometimes irregularly coloured pokemon hatch; it's gotten him all obsessed). Point is he'd been spending less and less time with the brothers he started this with, and more on his own.

Today he'd gone off to the Lush Jungle, to take a swing at the trial. He'd been at it for a while, when suddenly he came running out in a panic, heading back to the motel while carrying an unfamiliar(?) Leafeon in his arms. ]

Nii-san! NII-SAN!!

[ Which one is he calling for? Doesn't matter. Whoever he can find first. Either of them will do, and both of them will have to see it eventually.

Because he's got a big, very apparent problem.

He might be coming out with a Leafeon but he most definitely did not go in with one. ]
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[ know if this were any other time he would stop to scold Osomatsu for aggravating his poor pokemon and getting beat up again but. Not right now. He doesn't have time for that right now. ]

Osomatsu-niisan, it's Vivi!! Vivi's...!
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Right here!

[ He holds out the Leafeon still in his arms, practically shoving her forward like she's the motherfucking Pyroar King or something. ]

This IS Vivi!!

[ Vivi(???) just blinks, leaf tail curling up through her hind legs ]
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That's the thing! I didn't! We were doing the trial and she just... did? On her own?? I don't know how!

[ He brings her back in towards his chest, hugging her close as he crouches down, head tucked inwards. ]

What am I going to do? My team already has a lot of grass types! [ This makes four, with his starter and the Cottonee and Bounsweet he picked up along the way ] I was hoping to evolve her into something else to even it out...!

[ ...of course that's what he's worried about. Balancing shit. Vivi for her part just stares up at him, before papping his face with her paw. Come on, less freaking out MORE BEAN GIVING... ]

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