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open post! call me out!

so you want to play with some of these losers? pick a character and give me a starter! i'm open for anything right now.
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grabbyhands @ oso

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[ So. They failed, then. That was that.

It's been a month or so since the schools had formally combined and Maki still isn't sure how to feel about it. She'd mouthed off at first about how obviously this was going to happen, a bunch of schoolgirls couldn't expect to fix a problem caused by bad location and declining birth rates. But... it still made her heart twinge every morning when she got up and dressed in a uniform that wasn't Otonokizaka's and headed out for a school that just... wasn't the one she had tried to save.

μ's was still carrying on. She's thankful for that in a way she knows she won't ever really be able to express. She thinks they're still singing and dancing for Otonokizaka but in a different way now. Maybe a thank you for bringing them together.

Classes are over and Maki would usually be on the roof with the rest of the group, practicing. But it's a dismally rainy day and even Honoka and Rin have given up on dance practice. So Maki's retreated to the music room. It's not the same as Otonokizaka and the piano's a different enough make to throw her off. But a piano's a piano and so Maki just plays. The sound carries further from this music room than in Otonokizaka but Maki doesn't mind as much anymore. ]
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what a great username for maki

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[Osomatsu's been waiting for this day since he hit puberty, the day that he would get to go to a co-ed school... for years, he and his brothers had been attending an all-boys escalator academy. and it suuuuucked! over time, the academy began growing, and had extra buildings added onto it. now, it seemed like it was ready to take on a new challenge, and that was adding in girls.

Osomatsu thanked whatever gods that were around that he was in high school when Otonokizaka's students transferred to their academy. high school girls. imagine! he was going to be in class with other girls! it was enough to make his 17-year-old heart sing. things would be different now, he thought. those girls would find out that he was part of some miracle, that he was the oldest of sextuplets! and then they'd all fight over him. it'd be so great...

well, the first day of co-ed classes came and went, as did the second and third days. Osomatsu figured that, by that time, he'd be beating girls off with a stick. that wasn't happening. why? where was his harem? barely any girls asked for his name, or even remarked that he was a part of the Matsuno sextuplets. actually, quite a number of the girls seemed sad that their school had to merge with his academy.

geez! what a let-down!

Osomatsu was part of the great going home after school club. he wasn't a very bright student. he was just average, and he didn't have any extracurricular activities. he rarely studied, would copy his brothers' homework, and just didn't like going to school. now, he liked it even less. there were girls around, but they were uninterested in him. that was worse than being in an all-boys' school!

he sighed loudly as he made his way down the hallway, just wandering around aimlessly while he waited for Karamatsu to get out from drama club. he'd promised Karamatsu that if he would let him copy off of his math homework, he would help him rehearse lines. now, Osomatsu was wishing that he hadn't. that was going to be extra painful...

that's when the sounds of the piano hit his ears. curious, he decides to peek into the music room. there's nothing better to do, anyway, right? he looks through the small glass window on the door and then he sees her... that's... a really cute girl! all alone, playing the piano better than the music teacher. she kind of looks familiar, too, but Osomatsu can't think of where he's seen her before.

that doesn't matter. he presses his face up against the window, trying to get a better look. then, he decides to sneak into the room. he carefully pulls open the door when the music swells, slides in, and then shuts the door as quietly as he can. then he stands against the wall to listen to the redhead play]
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[ If Maki notices the sound of the door sliding open then she doesn't pay it any mind. She's learned to tune out distractions like that since joining μ's. When you're on stage you have to make sure that stage is your whole world and you can't allow anything to pull your focus away. She hadn't quite realized how much she'd internalized the same attitude when it came to piano, though. Usually, that kind of focus would be a godsend.

Now though? It just means that when the last few notes trail off Maki still isn't aware that anyone's slipped into the room. So when she glances up and sees Osomatsu stood there she starts so badly that she jars the keys of the piano that ring out discordantly.

Her face flushes with embarrassment both at being startled so badly and some self-consciousness at having being listened to without realizing. ]

Wh-- how long have you just been stood there? Do you want something?

[ It comes out a little more sharply than she'd intended but. In her defense you just knocked about three years off her life, Oso. ]
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[oh no. look at that blush! Osomatsu rubs the back of his head, laughing lightly. he, uh... probably shouldn't have wandered into the room without making his presence known. he looks like a creep (he is a creep but)]

Sorry, sorry! I was bored, so I decided to watch! [he drops his arm] You're really good!
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[ She huffs a bit and averts her gaze. It's still a bit weird trying to get used to being in a school with boys -- her middle school had been strictly girls-only as well -- so she's not quite sure how to respond to such a casual approach. She's reminded a little bit of Honoka... if Honoka were an unfamiliar boy sporting a bowlcut.

Eventually, she goes with a rebuff. ]

It's not as good as it could be. So that's why I'm rehearsing.

[ The implication that he's interrupting is unspoken but left hanging at the end of her sentence. ]
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[the implications are lost on Osomatsu. he's not very good with subtlety. he just continues to grin, his own cheeks turning a bit pink because he's nervous]

Are you kidding? It sounded perfect to me! But, I guess I'm not some music buff, or anything like that.
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Yeah, no kidding.

[ Just how direct does she have to be with her sass, geez.

She furrows her brow a little as she looks at him, eyes narrowed just a touch. He looks familiar in a way she can't really place but something's telling her it's a bit more than just a classmate she's seen in passing. ]

Don't you have somewhere to be, anyway? Or are you just gonna stand around and stare me out while I'm playing?
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I can sit if you want! Would that be better? [Osomatsu, take a hint.

no. he's sitting down in one of the seats, a little closer to the middle of the room now...]
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[ is... this guy for real... ]
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[ But there's no point in picking a fight about it. She's starting to get the feeling that this guy is either crazy dense or doing far too good of a job at playing dumb. She's not all that down to engage with either option so she finally just shrugs and turns back to the piano. ]

Fine, whatever, sit where you like. But you'd better not distract me, okay? This is important.

[ It's a song for μ's after all.

Rather than start playing straight away though she stalls by shuffling and rearranging the music sheets, adding a few perfectly unneeded notes to try and look like she's not stalling. Performing with μ's is much different than having someone sit around and watch while she plays and she's the exclusive focus of their attention.

To make it less obvious that she's a little self conscious, Maki says the first thing that pops into her head -- which just so happens to be the question that's been floating on her tongue since he walked in. ]

So, do I know you or something? I could swear I know your face but I have no idea where from.

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[Osomatsu would not make a peep! he promises! actually, he was worried that she'd kick him out, but... she decided to let him stay and watch, and even asked him a question. his heart beats a little faster, but he's trying to play it cool on the outside]

Oh, uh. You might know me. [he sniffs, leaning back in his seat] Or... you probably know one of my brothers, that's more likely. [then he sits up again, pointing a thumb to himself] I'm Matsuno Osomatsu, the oldest of the Matsuno sextuplets! We all look the same, so maybe you had a class with one of 'em, or something.
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[ It doesn't click for Maki until he says Matsuno and then suddenly she does know him. Sort of. She remembers the chatter during the first week about someone-or-other Matsuno (or Matsunos, plural, she guesses) but she hadn't actually connected the name to a face. Or faces, rather. ]

Sextuplets? Seriously? What're the odds of that?

[ Maki knows the odds, of course, which only makes her more incredulous. She knew they had some identical brothers around the school but she'd expected triplets at most. Sextuplets is kind of insane. ]

So there must be one of you in each class or something, right?

[ Come to think of it, she's sure she shares a class with one of them but god forbid if she has any idea who. ]
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Yeah, they separate us as much as they can. [he shrugs, looking a little flustered to be talking about this. he'll live. he's just glad that Maki at least knows about him and his brothers] The odds are pretty incredible, too. I think our mom's, like, super strong.
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No kidding.

[ Six babies... all at once... that poor woman... and poor her for having to put up with six rowdy sons for however long they live at home. Give Mother Matsuno a medal, honestly. ]

Osomatsu Matsuno, though... that's kind of a mouthful. You'd think they'd come up with something a little less... Matsu-y.

[ Rude, Maki. You have to admit she's got a point, though. ]
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[that makes him laugh. it's a valid point, even if it is rude. but Osomatsu isn't bothered at all]

Our parents are Matsus, too! I think they wanted to keep a theme going. It's really corny!
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A theme?

[ She sounds a little incredulous because... well, you'd think one generation being Matsumatsumatsu would be enough. Who would want to pass that onto their kids? ]

So wait, does that mean you're all Matsuno Matsu-something? All six of you?
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Matsuno something-matsu, yeah! All six of us! [Osomatsu is amused by her distress. he starts listing off his brothers, counting on his fingers] Osomatsu, Karamatsu, Choromatsu, Ichimatsu, Jyushimatsu, and Todomatsu.

[good luck Maki]
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[ ... what... the fuck... why would anyone do that to their own children. did your mom just really, really hate you, Oso. ]

That's... a theme alright.

[ just. this face. can you really blame her, though. ]

How's anyone supposed to keep all those straight?
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Just takes practice, I guess! And repetition. Even mom had trouble telling us apart when we were younger, but she's pretty good about it now. [he leans back in his seat] But I guess we kinda make it easier for her since we've all changed a lot.
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Guess that happens when you're all growing up. But all that Matsu... seriously, it's too much.

[ It's like some kind of weird tongue twister problem. Say all their names five times fast if you can. ]

So how are people supposed to tell you guys apart, anyway?
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[he's so glad she asked! Osomatsu leans forward again, proudly tugging on the red hoodie that is under his uniform]

There are a lot of ways, but the simplest and fastest way for those who don't know us very well is to look at the colors we wear. I'm Osomatsu, and I'm the oldest, and I usually wear red, because it's my favorite color! You can think of me as the hero type! [WINK!]
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Shame there isn't seven of you. Then you could make up the whole rainbow.

[ She's sassing him, sure, but even so it's pretty clear that he's caught her interest. She's stopped even pretending to shuffle her music sheets and she's resting her hands lightly on top of the keys without any real immediate intent to start playing. It's not every day you get to talk to a sextuplet, after all. ]

So are you all hero types or are the others just your sidekicks?
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[he will take sass! Osomatsu thinks it's cute]

They're my sidekicks! But they're sidekicks with personalities that make them stand out more! Like... Mmm... Todomatsu, for example. He's the youngest, and he's the cute brother. And I don't mean that sarcastically. I mean that the guy purposefully goes out of his way to make himself look and act cuter than the rest of us, in front of other people. But when you really get to know him, you find out he's manipulative and sly.
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[ say that to her face if you dare. ]

It's like you guys walked right out of a kid's anime.

[ is that a compliment? an insult? both? neither?! her expression makes it sort of impossible to tell. ]

So... which classes are you all in, anyway? I know I've seen one of you around in mine but if there's six of you then I'm gonna have trouble working out who it is off just names.
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[ouch... a kid's anime, huh? Osomatsu would like to think he could do better. but with the colored shirts and them being in high school... it kind of does sound juvenile, like the sextuplets are part of a memorizing game. now he's a bit flustered, but he doesn't actually show it]

Oh, yeah! That'd probably be good to know. Um. I've got English, science, and math, then lunch, then P.E., art, and economics? ...I think it's economics. To be honest, I don't pay attention in that class, 'cause, like, it's almost the end of the day, and my mind's usually full of other things.

[he's so honest. maybe too honest!]
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... Oh. So it is you.

[ uh oh. well she's not... commanding he leave immediately or anything so she can't find him that distasteful. she does turn her attention back to those papers she was shuffling, though. did you miss a flag on the Maki route, Oso?! ]

This isn't gonna be a thing now, is it? Sitting in here while I'm playing?
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[whoops! he said something that upset her. he can tell that much, now that she's turned away from him again. ah, well! Osomatsu doesn't want to push his luck]

It's only a thing if you want it to be! If you'd rather we not run into each other again then... Well, I won't be happy about it, but I'll understand.
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... whatever. I don't really care.

[ well, obviously you must care a little otherwise you would've left it alone, Maki. But despite her dismissive tone, it doesn't look like she's all that bothered. ]

So long as you don't get in the way or interrupt me when I'm playing.

[ it's not like the music room belongs to her, after all -- and this is more his school than it is her own. she doubts it'll ever feel like 'her' school in the way Otonokizaka did. ]
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[eh...? so. she's saying that he can still listen to her if he wants? but she doesn't care????

lord, if he didn't have a tsundere brother, Osomatsu would probably be lost. as it is now? he's thinking he's doing okay. he grins]

I promise! I won't interrupt. I'll be as quiet as a mouse!
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What, like you are now?

[ That doesn't seem to be an admonishment though. In fact, it almost looks like she might have a smile on her face. Almost. Don't get your hopes up, Oso. ]

It's not even like I'm here every day, anyway. So you probably won't even get a chance to listen in all that often.
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Then I'll just listen when I can! [he didn't have to hear her every day. that might get boring, for him. and weird, for her. Osomatsu doesn't want to appear desperate, but also wants to show some interest.

geez, wooing a girl is so much work! good thing this red head is worth it.

which reminds him...]

Ah! I just had a thought! You know my name, but I don't know yours. It's Ni-something, right?
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[ For a second, she hears Ni-co and thinks she's being confused with Nico. She almost bristles before she realizes he's probably just thinking of her surname. It's sort of weird how being surrounded by Maki-chan, Maki-chan, Maki Maki Maki! has made her so unused to people going straight for her surname.

She sighs, blowing up. Her bangs flutter against her forehead. ]

It's Nishikino. Maki Nishikino. [ a pause. ] Do you want me to go with Matsuno, or...?

[ i mean. there's five other Matsunos. It might get confusing if she needs to call you out in a crowded corridor or something. ]
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[Nishikino! that's right! Osomatsu's proud of himself for remembering that much]

Osomatsu's fine! That way, I know you wanna talk to me! [the fact that she asked is... special. really special! it means she might want to continue having conversations with him. or, at least that she will be able to call him out when he's around his other brothers]
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Fine, then. There aren't any other Nishikinos around school, as far as I know, so you can probably just stick with that.

[ d e n i e d.

With that settled, she goes back to her music sheets but then... pauses. She's been futzing around with them this whole time to try and look busy but now that she actually wants to write on them she's realizing she's made a slightly fatal error. No pen. Whoops.

She wrinkles up her nose, more at her own carelessness than anything, and says -- ]

I need a pen. You got one?
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[ah well. he tried, at least. Osomatsu's not even that bothered, anyway. he's still pretty happy. he settles in, hoping she will play some more for him.

but then. she asks for a pen]

Sure! [Osomatsu immediately pounces on his bag and goes digging around in it. about thirty seconds later, he pulls out a pen triumphantly. then he even stands up to walk it to her. amazing. he can be useful when he wants]