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I Love You a Bushel and a Peck [closed]

Who: [personal profile] relieable and [personal profile] fishchild
What: Once upon a time, two children ran away to join the circus...
When: past, present, future?
Where: starts off in Japan, moves to elsewhere
Warnings: selfish lovebirds

[now that he was sitting inside the main tent, Osomatsu could definitely tell why it was called the Big Top. the ceiling stretched up so far, and across just as wide. it made the child dizzy trying to imagine what it was like up there... his mouth was dry from the cotton candy and peanuts he'd had earlier, and tinkling music from an accordion filled his ears. he turned with shining eyes to his parents to show how excited he was for the show to start.

he was seated in between his brother Karamatsu, and his childhood friend Totoko, who had been dragged along to the circus with the Matsunos. Osomatsu thought it was the best seat in the house. he had a perfect view of the stage, no one tall was in his way. a clown was coming down the aisles, passing out balloons, and he turned to ask his mother for one, but she gave him that look, the warning look. they'd already spent so much money today, and they were paying for an extra child, so, no, there would be no balloons.

which was fine, really, because Osomatsu was still happy. he wasn't about to throw a fit over a silly balloon. he said something to Karamatsu, which made his brother grin, and then turned to Totoko]

See that, over there? [he said, pointing off behind one of the boxes on the stage] There's a monkey behind that box. Sometimes it pokes its head out!
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[Totoko was excited to be going to the circus today, mostly because she was pretty much being paid for, which was never something she would turn down. Even if the Matsuno brothers could be annoying at times, they all seemed to come together and behave (sort of) for the express purpose of having a good time.

But when Osomatsu gets her attention and points out one of the boxes on stage, Totoko squints and shakes her head.]

I don't see anything. Don't make stuff up, Osomatsu!
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I'm watching, I'm watching!

[As much as she wants to look around, she humors him and keeps her eyes on the box in question...waiting for that elusive monkey to appear.]
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[Unfortunately for Osomatsu, she's inclined to assume he was lying until proven otherwise, but the circus performance starting is a good distraction from that. Her annoyance quickly melts away as the performers come out into the ring, looking over at Osomatsu out of the corner of her eye while he talks.]

How are you gonna do that? Circuses don't stay in Akatsuka forever yaknow!
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Uh huh! Like I'll believe that,'re always saying stuff you don't really mean.

[She turns up her nose as she crosses her legs at the ankles and looks away again, focusing her attention on the acts.]
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I'll be waiting for you to show me up, then. But I guess you are enough of a clown to fit in with those guys!

[She sneers, pointing down at the clowns as they near the edges of the ring.]
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[The acrobats sure do seem to have Totoko's unwavering attention as she watches them flip and perform feats of amazing dexterity above their heads.]

Oooh...they're so pretty...
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[Totoko just manages to hear that over the sound of the crowd cheering as one of the acrobats catches the other in midair, and she turns to look at him for a moment. Even through the din, Osomatsu won't miss the way she blushes and pouts at him before turning sharply away to look back at the acts again as the acrobats move out to give room for the animal handlers.]
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How do you know that isn't a different monkey?

[Totoko points out as that one monkey is joined by several similar looking ones that all scamper around the heels of their trainer.]
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[Totoko watches as the acts continue, enraptured by it all. To be honest...this is one of the very few times she's ever been to the circus, and because of it her parents urged her to make sure she thanked the Matsunos for inviting her. And while she'd been really unsure at first about spending a whole afternoon with them...she's ended up enjoying herself.

So she gets the best of herself and eventually leans over again to Osomatsu so she can whisper,]

Thanks for bringing me by the way. I guess.
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[Totoko has a lot of opinions to share, as usual. She liked the acrobats and tight-rope walkers the best, and didn't really care for things like clowns all that much, despite the fact they made her smile. And of course, she remembers to thank their parents again for bringing her, reminded when Matsuyo says it's time to go home.]
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If I could join?

[She wonders aloud, bringing a finger to her lips in thought.]

I guess I'd be a tight-rope walker. I've got the balance and poise for it...and all eyes would be on me, all the time. And they're always dressed so pretty, sometimes they get to hold parasols too!
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[Totoko had just been falling asleep when she hears a soft tick-a-tack against her window. It isn't until the third or fourth pebble that she gets out of bed, grumbling, and makes her way over to see Osomatsu standing outside.

She makes a face and pushes the window up, sticking her head out so she can whisper down to him.]

What are you doing here, Osomatsu-kun? It's so late!
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[She must be half asleep still, because she knows she didn't hear that right.]
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This is a joke, right Osomatsu-kun? You're running away from home to join the circus?
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[Given her expression, Totoko doesn't seem convinced. She frowns harder.]

You're ten! They won't let you in anyways, you know that, right?
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[Totoko huffs at that, her cheeks puffing out.]

I am NOT jealous! It's crazy! What about your brothers, and your mom and dad?
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[That's all she can say, at first.]
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[She ends up staring blankly at Osomatsu as he goes on his mini monologue about them being together at the circus, talking it up with mentions of no parents, no worries, definitely no school...nothing like that to worry about.

In contrast to Osomatsu's confidence, Totoko seems visibly hesitant.]

And what do we do if it turns out not to be all its cracked up to be?
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[But do they really? Do they really, Osomatsu...

Totoko lifts herself up a little against the window sill, her expression hard to read from the distance.]

Hang on, I'm coming down. Don't go anywhere, okay? And if I find out this was just a trick to get me outside, I'll punch you!
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[It doesn't take her too long to get outside. By the time she's down there she's changed out of her pajamas, but she doesn't have any things on her person. She marches her way out into the chill of the night and stops just inches in front of Osomatsu, narrowing her gaze at him.]

Why should I trust that you won't just get bored and cry for mommy as soon as we leave? We could get in a lot of trouble, you know!
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And then she shoves a hand at him.]

You pinkie promise?
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[Totoko takes a breath and lets it out slowly as she releases Osomatsu's hand, tossing her head to get her bed-head bangs out of her eyes.]

I'm gonna go pack up some things, so meet me at my door in ten minutes.
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You don't expect me to come without clothes, do you?

[She calls this back- more like a harsh whisper- before hurrying back inside her house. It takes her a bit longer than she probably said it would, either because she really is packing too much or she's having second thoughts. But eventually she comes back down with a shoulder bag slung by her side, looking Osomatsu over as she closes the front door.]

By the way...what's gonna happen when our parents notice us missing, huh?
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[He doesn't seem too concerned...but that's just the way Osomatsu is, she guesses. She lifts her bag a little higher.]

Well...I guess we better go before anything happens.