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松野おそ松 || Matsuno Osomatsu ([personal profile] relieable) wrote in [community profile] lovebakery2017-06-29 03:56 pm

I Love You a Bushel and a Peck [closed]

Who: [personal profile] relieable and [personal profile] fishchild
What: Once upon a time, two children ran away to join the circus...
When: past, present, future?
Where: starts off in Japan, moves to elsewhere
Warnings: selfish lovebirds

[now that he was sitting inside the main tent, Osomatsu could definitely tell why it was called the Big Top. the ceiling stretched up so far, and across just as wide. it made the child dizzy trying to imagine what it was like up there... his mouth was dry from the cotton candy and peanuts he'd had earlier, and tinkling music from an accordion filled his ears. he turned with shining eyes to his parents to show how excited he was for the show to start.

he was seated in between his brother Karamatsu, and his childhood friend Totoko, who had been dragged along to the circus with the Matsunos. Osomatsu thought it was the best seat in the house. he had a perfect view of the stage, no one tall was in his way. a clown was coming down the aisles, passing out balloons, and he turned to ask his mother for one, but she gave him that look, the warning look. they'd already spent so much money today, and they were paying for an extra child, so, no, there would be no balloons.

which was fine, really, because Osomatsu was still happy. he wasn't about to throw a fit over a silly balloon. he said something to Karamatsu, which made his brother grin, and then turned to Totoko]

See that, over there? [he said, pointing off behind one of the boxes on the stage] There's a monkey behind that box. Sometimes it pokes its head out!

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