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松野おそ松 || Matsuno Osomatsu ([personal profile] relieable) wrote in [community profile] lovebakery2017-08-10 06:09 pm

Just the Sea Between Us [closed]

Who: [personal profile] relieable and [personal profile] karappo
What: once upon a time, a war broke out between two groups of mermaids...
When: who knows
Warnings: mermaid conflicts! idk will add more if they pop up

[the war had started long before he was born, and Osomatsu still did not know exactly what it was about. something had happened between the mermaids of the tropic seas and the mermaids of the polar seas. something bad, something that wasn't discussed openly, and Osomatsu was far too lazy and too good-natured to want to figure it out. he was constantly told that polar seas mermaids were vicious and cutthroat, and so, that was what he had grown up to believe, and he didn't ask questions.

so, now, here he was, twenty-one years old and never having met a mermaid from the polar seas in his entire life. that was fine, right? he didn't need to know anything about the polar seas. he was ignorant, and ignorance was bliss.

Osomatsu was asked one day to run an errand for his mother, and he'd begrudgingly accepted. she promised something good for him for when he returned, but the errand was taking him so long. he was several kingdoms away from his home, and he'd been traveling for five days. was this all really worth the effort? he hoped so. the prize from mom was the only thing motivating him to keep moving.

nightfall finally came, and Osomatsu ducked into a bar to rest. the bar was connected to a hotel, so he was going to ask about getting a room, as well. but drinks took priority. he made himself comfortable in his booth, eyes flicking up and around, watching everything that was going on while swinging his red-orange tail under the table]

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